Monday, January 14, 2013

Yakety Yak

The time for mucking around has passed...

Two weeks into January and it really is time to get serious.

I have various theories about Mount Significance In-Game. Status, achievement, sheer luck, all have a factor to play in what determines the le plus grand mount du choix. However, nothing says excess wealth like the Yak, and no other mount seems to cause as much inconvenience in the cramped streets around Stormwind's Trade District as a bloody great thing loaded with trunks, umbrellas and subservient NPC's. Then there's the Flavour Text (deliberately not spelling as intended before my mate J turns up and waves his pedant finger at me) which frankly...

Which leads me to the inevitable follow-up question: why am I about to buy one?

The answer is manyfold. Regular listeners will remember I fell in love with this in Beta, before it became apparent I would (presumably) have to sell my mother to own one. However what has become progressively more obvious since expansion launch is I've got 99 Dailies and Money ain't (a problem.) I still have the large sum of money I was going to throw at a gun in P's bags, and because I've had no updates for the best part of ten days no reason to spend. I've not even touched the sizable nestegg I came to Pandaria with either because [FX: Alt Levelling Tumbleweed] and... WELL FRANKLY WHY NOT. This was the bombshell that landed  last night: what exactly am I waiting for? Is this again tied up with my desire not to throw a sack of glods at something I could easily live without, that screams extravagance and embodies so much of the frustration I have at those people who bought one 23 seconds after launch and haven't (apparently) shifted theirs from the Mailbox since?

It's the January Funk getting to my brane again. It only matters if it makes me happy, after all... and I worked out part of the problem there too. I miss Ironforge. The only reason I'm in Pandaria is coz of the farm, and I've surmised I would far rather live in Azeroth, fly from IF to SW every day and take the Portal rather than live in the Inn in the Valley of Eternal Doobreys. The only problem with IF? No reforger. If I buy a mount I need never have to worry about that being an issue. Problem solved. The next problem then becomes whether I actually wait to earn the remaining cash I need or I simply take it from the bankalt who's been selling my Farm Spoils. I reckon that's pretty much a no-brainer too.

When I next log, therefore, I will be off to the Summit, and it you want P after that you'll find here back in her one true home, nowhere near any Mailbox on her mount. After that I reckon its time to get my Engineers to 600 skill so I can start stockpiling materials for those particular rocket-based transports...

This is my version of the game after all. Time to start bringing the fun back.


Yoco said...

For a big alt-o-holic like me that Yak was the best investment I've made in ages.

A portable vendor anywhere for all your level 20+ characters, and a portable reforger as soon as you start getting ilvl 200+ items. With some sadistic blizzard designers seemingly putting the worst stat on all quest rewards for some classes (*cough* mastery and hunters), that is just great.

And well, being a proud member of the guild "The Royal Kilted Yaksmen" since its founding in 2006, a Yak mount is just perfect :)

Ratshag said...


Effin' A, Bubba.

Jonathan said...

"deliberately not spelling as intended before my mate J turns up and waves his pedant finger at me"

Now now, I only correct spelling when it's humorous to do so. :-)

Enjoy your Yak, you've earned it. :-D