Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Wall Street Shuffle :: 5.2 Edition

Ooh look. New things.

Apart from the amended patch notes released for 5.2, there's a great deal of interesting datamined material (as always) from Wowhead (from whom this screenie is taken.) Of particular interest are the above transmutes, which not only hint at new Leatherworking recipes (what do we get?) but at a new use for green gems, potentially cutting into a staple for many Jewelcrafter/Enchanter Combos, the Ghost Iron Shuffle.

Currently when I'm prospecting ore, I use my green gems to make Jewellery which I then disenchant on my Enchanter, creating dust that can then be converted into any of the current enchanting materials, depending on sale values. This is one of the 'shuffles' I know a lot of serious gold makers like to use as a way of disseminating items into the AH economy. What I don't know, and I suspect some Jewelcrafters may be able to enlighten me, is if it is worth using 30 gems to convert to one. Of greater interest is the new Serpent's Heart, and what it may indeed 'contain within...' I'm also going to assume it will take considerably fewer Prismatic Scales to transmute as it will Exotic Leather, and this is likely to also have an effect on the current PvP Armour Market, especially as we will move into a new season and (presumably) will require new items to replace old ones. Let's hope that the recipes themselves update as they have in Cataclysm, and I won't need to be transmuting every day in order to complete my recipe collection...

More interesting still is the introduction of a number of Blacksmithing 'Training' projects, which could mean that to access the new patterns that will become available via the Thunder Forge you will require a sizeable down payment of ore. If my maths is correct, that will mean 280 bars, or 560 ore required to complete everything currently datamined. Blacksmiths might want to factor this into their gathering strategies...  but that might not be all. There are also a large number of training projects listed in the 'Uncategorised' section of Wowhead's info dump:

What this amount of patterns might suggest is not entirely clear: they could be indicators for other professions as well as Blacksmithing, or the possibility that Blacksmithing is about to undergo a transformation similar to Cookery that would allow you to train it from scratch using only Pandaran materials. This would then allow non-Blacksmiths to train from 1-500 (which is certainly what the tooltip is indicating), taking conventional recipes from 525 onwards,  then allowing them to gain access to the Forge with only Ghost Iron Ore required to get them there. If that were the case, I'd confidently predict this model will roll out across other professions too, and the value of raw materials may yet react in 5.2 as a result.

Watch this Space :D

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