Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Song Remains the Same

I've been doing my best to keep the song/album titles vibe going since early December (thanks Bob) and I intend to continue the trend with a couple of notable exceptions, starting today. The reason requires a little explanation, so please briefly indulge me.

I applied for a job at WoW Insider last month. One of the criteria was to write three articles that would have fitted into the site's ethos: my next post was one of them. I've been planning to write a definitive Pet Battle Guide for some time, and I'd decided (should I be hired) it would be a thing WoW Insider should do. Needless to say, I'll now be writing one here.

As I come up for another major Blogging Anniversary this week I'd like to thank everyone who's followed me over the last year, and hope I can keep the same consistent level of substandard gubbins going for quite some time to come...


Bob Flintston said...

Tracks of my Tears - I take it judging by the recent announcement on WoW Insider that, you were unsuccessful on this occasion.

Well we (I mean I of course) still love you.

Their loss is our gain so to speak.

Just remember the "Winner Takes it All"

The Godmother said...

<3 to you Bobness, and thanks for the continued inspiration :D