Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Saddle Up

No. Just.... No.

There's a new Mount to buy in the Blizzard Store.

According to the official spiel, if I buy one of these, 'it is said that good fortune will follow.' Elune knows I could do with some of that at the moment, but even the sway of better luck is not going to be enough this time around. The thing is, I'm not getting one. At least, not right now.

This is something of a departure for me. I'm Mrs Mounts, after all. Any excuse for a new set of legs is often all it needs, except... I didn't know what the problem was last night, despite staring at the thing for a considerable amount of time. Some people say it looks like a goat, that its spacebar animation's too excessive. Others don't like the transition from riding to flying. Me? My initial thought was roughly equivalent to the reaction I had when Scully left the X Files (she came back, but that's not the point.) It's also akin to the feeling I got when it wasn't Aaron Sorkin writing The West Wing any more. You see... it looks like a Blizzard mount, has the same attention to detail that accompanies such a release, but something's just not the same.

20 Euros for this mount isn't even a real issue: I could afford it, but I didn't rush to purchase one last night when the news was all over Twitter. Looking with (relatively) fresh eyes this morning I still can't pin down why I still have no desire to part with my money to be riding around on this, but I won't. It could be a post-Christmas funk, possibly just a feeling that Blizzard don't really need any more of my cash at this moment. I severely doubt it's an indicator that I'm losing my interest in the game, so if anybody with a degree in Psychology could make a space on a couch for me at your convenience I'll be happy for you to deconstruct me in an attempt to fathom this one out.

I don't need any more flying mounts, I'm happy with my cloud disc, and there's no achievement to complete that requires some purchasable luck. I'm more excited about hitting Exalted with the Shieldwall Offensive and getting a choice of new mounts on both Factions than chucking the folding stuff at a goat with a cloud. That means, for now, we'll move on...


Ethan Centaurai said...

Same with me really.

When it was announced last night I was all like "huh, I wondered where that went" and thought nothing more of it. I've seen plenty in-game since then but I don't have the urge to get one myself.

As you say, it's probably post-Christmas funk.

Jonathan said...

I generally wait for these to be cheap in some sale. Would be different if it was a charity thing (a la Cinder Kitten), but otherwise it can join the queue.

TheGrumpyElf said...

I bought one the second I saw it, but I know exactly where you are coming from. I got it more out of habit but I did not want it.

When it arrived in my mailbox when I logged on I did not run to get it and check it out. I grabbed it out of my mailbox 2 hours later, and never even tried it on for size. Like I said, I bought it out of habit.

Congrats, you are kicking the habit. Like it or not you are rebelling, at least for the moment, against the money making machine that is blizzard.

Where I let habit take over and bought something I will never use you let logic take over and say, I am not going to buy something I will never use.


Erinys said...

I've resisted the urge so far but that's mostly to do with the visual side of it. Would I ride around on something which reminds of the Gump ( from Oz.... probably not.