Sunday, January 27, 2013

Running in the Family

 Needs moar listage...

We'll be back to twice daily postage starting again tomorrow, but for now it is time to address one of the bonuses of having a low level alt on the go: pet battleage. On arrival in Westfall Friday night it became apparent that I could do the low level Pet Battle trainers as daily quests, with a very healthy dose of XP to boot. This set me thinking: this would be an ideal opportunity to do some low level work on the pets whilst I'm making my way to 90. To aid this, I need to tip my hat to the estimable Ratshag who clued me into a most excellent addon to facilitate just that: Pet Battle Teams.

All Blues, No Waiting.

This lovely bolt-on to the Pet window allows you to select custom teams, name them, and switch between them at the touch of a button. More significantly it remembers which spells you select and shows you instantly what level your teams are at without the need to flick through the interface. As you can see B has five current teams that she's been using in Elwynn (upgrades to Black Lamb and Fawn, check) that will follow her as she moves to Loch Moden to herb (Little Black Ram required amongst others.) As you can see from the list above I'm making a physical list of all the pets at Uncommon or below and intend to use free time to try and pick up upgrades: I am not playing to furnish the fastest team or to be a serious PvP Player, I should add. My personal goal is to obtain as many pets at Rare quality as possible.

I'm still well off my goal of 75 x L25 pets, but this is a good distraction from that as I level the Monk. It does at least mean I can be battling with something, even if I'm not capable of being in high level areas at present.

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