Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rolling With the Homies

Me and the Shado Pan, keeping it real. Respect.

The monk's almost in to double figures, but this bit's about P's legacy as Achievement Collector and Hunter Without a Weapon (TM). No, I'm not dwelling, honest, and I know I'm not alone in the lack of Sha Gubbins department. Thank you Twitter for your sympathy, you guys know who you are. I'll be arranging regular Group Hugs for the foreseeable future. Anyway, I digress.

P's going through a series of daily tasks, one of which is to complete Getting Around with the Shado Pan, which requires you to have completed 15 Dailies with the full range of available Companion Guides. I've been avoiding the Island with the Klaxxi infestation but am aware that only certain helpers spawn on certain days, so I'll have to go there eventually. For now, I'm enjoying the faff element, the gold income (used to buy a pair of Monk Heirloom Trousers earlier, as it happens) and the fact that I know I can complete this Achievement without outside help. I'm only one mob away from completing the One Many Army too, after which I have to set my mind to Roll Club. That's going to be interesting.

After that, I have my Cookery Student (we're doing RICE CAKES YAY) the Farm Income (cloaks have dried up, back to herbs for guaranteed glods and using the Spirits to buy the LW recipes I lack pre 5.2 and PvP Upgrades.) I need four more items to get my Relic Hunter title and about 500 further Dominance Offensive tokens to be able to crack open a crate of rats for pet battle capture. I can guarantee there will always be something I can find to do, and I doubt I'll be at a loss for gubbins for some time to come. I can think of at least one Achievement I could use from Naxx 25, for instance, and don't get me started on Ulduar or Icecrown Citadel...

Finally, I'm still at Rank Three in the Brawler's Guild, and there's a Battle Pet with my name on it. As the weekend is fast approaching it may be time to start examining some online guides for getting myself up to the required level of Awesome to add Clock Em to my stable...


TheGrumpyElf said...

I am in bow hell right there with you. Even running it multiple times each week to use the free roll a few times and still nothing. The game hates hunters.

Bug island can be brutal even for a hunter. Some hints that might help you.

Make your pet tenacity spec. If you get a lot of mobs they can and will kill it quick otherwise and you can go from a simple 3 pull to an "oh my gold where the F did they come from" 17 pull in a matter of 3 seconds.

Watch your pulls. Tank experience is awesome here and it is why I think good hunters makes good tanks, because being a good hunter you become a master of the pull.

When pulling elites, put pet on passive, MD to it, make the three come to you before you set your pet on it. Then have it attack. It will limit people joining the battle. Burn the two adds first, then the elite. You will need to roll mend pet.

For the ones you need to click stuff and bomb, find the side the least adds are on, land on top of them, MD, multi, click, move away so you do not draw more. Have your move plan set up before you pull so you know where you are retreating to.

Bug island is hell when is lower gear but once you start gearing up it becomes better, however, it is still the only questing area in the game I think it is possible to be overwhelmed even as a hunter, which is the best questing class in the game.

Erinys said...

Also if you still want AVs, you know where I am :p

Ditto for the old dungeon runs.