Tuesday, January 08, 2013


That's the bunny!

So, I've been slacking on the Pet Training front.

I've lost ten places on my server's WoW Progress page. Ironically both my hunters now register so I occupy two spots as opposed to one, but that's scant compensation. The problem, of course, is time: it is a bloody long slog levelling any wee beastie to 25. I have other things I want to be doing, but at the back of my mind there is always the voice, quiet yet insistent. 'You want 75 pets to 25, then you can relax.' Of course, I guarantee the moment that happens will coincide with 5.2 dropping on live servers and then... frankly, DOOM. Therefore I must attempt to do something to keep the wheels from falling off the Pet Pattle Wagon. I imagine that transport looks a bit like the Mystery Machine, except it's pulled by a Yak. If anyone artistic fancies doing me a mockup, see me afterwards.

I spent an hour last night desperately trying to formulate some kind of plan. It seems the best idea to just level everything closest to 25 (with the occasional diversion for PvP testing purposes) and just hope I get there eventually. I also feel a contractual obligation to have the only Epic Pet at 25, just so when people search my WoW Progress profile he turns up first . No, I'm not doing it to show off: I wish to demonstrate that I consider the killer fella important enough in my collection to not simply fester away as a L1 ahead of everyone else. I won't forget for a very long time the generosity of the person who gifted him to me, and I think as a result he deserves pride of place in my collection.

Anyway, I digress. That seems to happen a lot when pets are involved: just one more fight, let's just get them one more level... oh look, it's one am and I have to be up in six hours. The pull is clearly irresistible, I only have to look to my Twitter feed for confirmation of that. There are grown men doing Pet Podcasts. There are immensely long and complicated discussions in Guild about the best compositions for Trainer fights. I'm still fighting people off at rare spawn points at all hours of the day and night: the enthusiasm isn't waning, far from it. If I didn't know better there are more people than ever out in the fields, slapping the indigenous wildlife as if their Warcraft reputations depended on it. I don't need proof as to the addictive nature of this game at any point, but should it be required I have many, many pages of damning evidence to send Battling down the river for quite some time.

I see immense amounts of excitement today on the back of the announcement there are two new Pokemon games due this year: X and Y (are colours passe now?) Any scrap of pet information on the PTR arrives on my feeds so fresh it's still panting. Pet battles aren't going away any time soon, so the sooner I extract the digit the better it'll be because once you start falling behind...


Josh said...

As one of the pet-podcasting grown men you mentioned, I've spent many a late night doing the same thing: "just one more level and then I'll unlock the new ability..."

I haven't really worried about being the top on my server yet. I don't mind if they have more pets, as long as I can still beat them in a match :)

The Godmother said...

Welcome to the Sofa, Josh. I'm using you as the poster boy for Pet Battling atm, because my husband doesn't 'get' why anyone would spend this much time on a mini-game. If it had guitars in it I bet he'd be right there ^^

Andrew Sutherland said...

I am a firm believer that kid's pocket money should be linked to doing chores. 10p for washing dishes. 50p for cleaning the living room. £1 to level a mini-pet to level 25.

Navimie said...

8 battles Godmother from 1 - 25! You need to do it :) makes it so much faster!