Monday, January 21, 2013

Money Changes Everything

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It occurred to me yesterday I've not done much on the Gold Making front for a while.

I'm nowhere near a 'serious' Gold Blogger, but I do like my faffing. I'm also acutely aware that if I were ever to find a sure-fire get rich quick farming spot in-game, publishing it is absolutely the last thing I'd probably want to do. With the speed at which the client can currently be patched, I can bet by the time I'd got my article up, the place would be worthless. I'm no good with spreadsheets or maths either, so that whole flipping and undercutting thing's also a bit of a non-starter. I do try and pick up stuff where I can though, and I'm very grateful to the Gold Blogging Community for stuff like the Ironpaw Shuffle and how to use my green gems from prospecting more effectively (yes I know that article's for Cataclysm mats but the same basic principles apply.)

In the end however, my gold making strategy is pretty simple: stack and sell. I collect everything and anything, make a stack of it and then decide the best place to sell it. Sometimes that's the AH, sometimes that will be in Trade, and often its just to a vendor, but everything I pick up gets sold. I've been doing that without any real effort since the Expansion launched, and yesterday I sat down and worked out that, even after dropping six figures on my Yak, I still have more money than I did before the Pandaria launched, which came as something of a pleasant surprise. A lot of that is on the back of selling raw materials (especially leather) at the start of the Expansion itself but of late that's come from herb sales from my farm, selling blue cloaks and (most surprising of all) Battle Pets. I'm not about to make a fortune that way, but there's been a steady income on my designated Pet Wrangler.

This then leads me to thinking how I should be generating more gold in the months that follow: there are obvious things I ought to be doing, like making more use of my Scribe and Enchanter (and all the other professioneers.) There are transmutes that are going begging and I suspect, if I actually organised myself a bit better there could be a huge amount of extra revenue to be had. I am thinking that it might be a plan to have a weekly post on this as an added incentive to me to pull out the digit and get myself motivated. I'll have a word with the Logo Department (as I'll need a 4 Year Blogging logo soon) and see if there's enough in this month's budget to sustain some kind of snazzy header to boot. That means that this week I'll be sitting with paper and pencil, looking at markets, and deciding where I'm gonna have my focus.

Part of me wants to go a bit Old Skool: Vanilla crafting materials are at a real premium on my Server currently, and I like the idea of taking some time away from the Pandas, perhaps combined with levelling a Monk, but right now I need some facts and figures before I start committing time, my most valuable of resources. Therefore, I will ask you to Watch This Space (TM)...

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Aygaren said...

*watching with interest*
I very recently started my own meager efforts towards making a bit more gold through the AH. After four days of trial and error, I'm up 3.5k.
Good fortune to you!