Friday, January 25, 2013

Let the Day Begin

Son sings Dad's son. Bless!

This Monk thing's a bit odd.

I start my character and off I go, killing Sprites and collecting vegetables, and I'm following Ji Firepaw across a very scenic bridge to go find the Spirit of Wind when I pass an NPC who tells me I can go listen to a Lorewalker for a bit instead and learn about where I am. I don't immediately stop, I keep going to the Ridge of Laughing Winds instead, thinking I need to work to get off the Starting Area as quickly as possible... and then it hits me. No, I don't. I don't think anyone ever told me I could listen to something before, not in any of the Starting Areas I've been to. So, I picked up my quests and went back. I'm really rather glad that I did.

Story Time, with music.

The game registered my arrival and played me the song I fell in love with in Beta, the same song Lorewalker Cho sings at the Wanderer's Festival, and suddenly I make a major connection. No-one made me come back and learn about this, or stop to hear the music, but to have it offered was enough. I learnt about the Giant Turtle, and if I didn't know that Chen Stormstout was a famous explorer I do now (though his real history is considerably more complex.) Placing this in the context of a school lesson for children is a stroke of genius: snacks to whoever did the script for this one:

Troll gags. Gotta love them.

I did the Starting Island very early in Beta, and the journey through this time is considerably easier, if only for the fact I've not seen another living soul since I arrived. I suspect that may change at the weekend, unless there's some kind of personal phasing issue at play that I'm not aware of. I've discovered the problem with Shen-zin Su, just after my mentor turned into a tree and left me to deal with whatever I found. Needless to say, I'm more than a little concerned at how I'm supposed to remove an Alliance skyship from the side of a giant turtle...

I've also made my first tenable connection between what happened Before and what happens Now. Blizzard have made this Starting Area not just a place to rush through to get off, but something altogether more clever. I wonder how many people did stop and listen, and if anyone has grasped the point. You don't have to do all the content, but sometimes if you don't, you'll miss the best lessons of all.

I should be finished with my journey by this evening, and Guilded. I have a full set of Heirlooms standing by, plus bags and a cash float. I already have 50 still in Alchemy and roughly the same in Inscription. Needless to say, I'm genuinely looking forward to levelling this. I mean, how hard can it be...?

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Ben said...

Just a piece of advice. Don't grab the heirlooms. Unless you plan to level mainly through dungeons, allow quest rewards to take care of you until you reach Outland. Heirlooms will only make the journey shorter and easier, but sometimes that means you'll miss something fun.