Tuesday, January 22, 2013

King of the Mountain

So, you're Elvis, right?

Normally I'd have held onto this until tomorrow, but as I think this is enough of a secret that it could do with an early reveal, we'll do it now.

This is where I logged P out earlier, one of the spawn spots for Another Man's Treasure (the Tablet of Ren Yun) I don't need to spawn camp these things (as yet) so this has become part of my daily fly-by routine: as I do so I'll notice an elite mob circling the peak. This is a Wild Onyx Serpent, is L90 and (until 5.1) didn't drop anything of note. This has changed however, and if you see it it is well worth taking the time to pull it down, kill it and loot the Serpent's Cache that you'll receive.

Giant loot sparklies ftw!

This cache is pretty much identical to the Small Bag of Goods you can occasionally pick up from the Pandarian Champions: 20 or so gold, and a selection of raw materials (in my case 19 Ghost Iron Ore and a Golden Lotus) As this is a fairly straightforward fight (or at least it was for my hunter) the problem then comes where on earth on the mountain you can pull him. Fortunately, there is a spot.

The co-ordinates you require are 85.09, 65.44

From this small outcrop I can target with a ranged attack and bring the Dragon down. After that, apply light dps until he's dead. You can't skin him either (boo!) and assuming you have no issues killing sky dragons for the porpoise of grabbing a bit of free loot, the job is (as they say) a good 'un.

I'm not sure as to the spawn timer, but I've been able to down him every time I've come to the Peak to do my fly-by...


Cymre said...

I've killed a couple over the past few weeks. It's a nice bag of misc loot.

Psynister said...

I kill him more or less every day, it's easy mats.

I don't bother trying to pull him from a ledge though, I just fly right into his face to get agro and then land on the first flat surface I see to fight him there. Much quicker/easier than looking or the right spot and trying to pull him, imo.

The Godmother said...

@Psynister: I'm always concerned that I'll end up getting knocked off my mount and fall to a terrible (and slightly embarrassing) death. Hence I like to start on a flat surface to begin with :D

Navimie said...

Oh I will have to look! I might not kill him but I must see! :D

Kaitz said...

Oh wow, I have killed one of these, but must have been when he didn't drop anything, good to know thats changed!

Anonymous said...

I MUST KEEL HEEM! Oh damnit the servers are still down for maint for another 3hrs /cry

Katzbalger-Arthas (US)