Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Just Another Day

Yesterday in handy bullet-point format.

Some days I really do have difficulty coping with stuff out of my control.

Maybe this will be my last day without a weapon upgrade. Perhaps tomorrow I will finally strike gold and pick up the Epic Weapon I'd Love So I'm Not Gimping The Rest Of My Raid Team. More likely than not however I'll be screwed for another week and I'll need to find more ways to stop myself getting really frustrated. Working on that theory, because of late my luck is only slightly better than non-existent, it is time to start bolstering my confidence that I am capable of Other Things That Are Awesome. To that end, I bought the Yak last night. I've also gone back to the solo drawing board.

Yesterday's achievements are an indicator of how I suspect things are going to go for the foreseeable future: an emphasis on what I can accomplish, where massive dps is not a requirement. Yak Attack for instance merely involved co-ordinating 15 mobs, a trap and a bloody big spectral Yak. The Medallion is one of the Relic Hunter achievement criteria (8/20 so far, very happy with progress) where I'm not deliberately camping any spawn point, simply doing a daily fly past of the appropriate areas. On that point I'm almost into single figures for my mob requirements on Glorious but I suspect that one's going to need more time than I'm currently prepared to give. Spurred on by Navamie's efforts I went and knocked off the last of the Riches achievement before I went to bed: there's still a few things I've missed on the gold only front, and I hope to mop those up tonight.

Then there is the issue of Reputations: I will have finished the Shieldwall Offensive on reset. The Augusts will finally stop being a problem by Friday. I will, at least with the Main, be able to say I've cleaned up access to everything. Then there is the issue of all the various achievements tied up with Dailies that I've pretty much ignored in my effort to grind them, so I'll be taking pencil and paper and trying to knock them off one by one. Ideally the more of these I can eliminate by 5.2 time the better as I assume there'll be a whole new pile of stuff to be addressed on both the new Island of Dailies and (Jurassic) Island of Grinding. I suspect I'm actually a fair bit ahead of the curve on this, despite the fact I feel like I'm miles behind.

Then there is the small issue of 525-600 in Engineering and Blacksmithing, which I realised at the weekend (with a heavy heart) will require two alts having more than the ZERO Spirits of Harmony they currently possess. As you have to farm them, I'll be using the invaluable information gleaned from this WoW Insider Post to get both as close to max as possible, and possibly (in the case of the Engineer) put some extra aside for a mount. I reckon that's more than enough faffing to keep me going for at least the next week, probably longer. I can only hope that I do get lucky with weaponry somewhere (at this point I'll even consider the Epic Bow from the Temple Heroic as progress) otherwise I suspect I'll be relegating myself to Old Skool runs for the foreseeable future...

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Tome of the Ancient said...

Grats on that Yak! Ironforge is home now!