Friday, January 25, 2013

I Love My Name

This week, I have mostly been Salty...

One of the (many) advantages from the introduction of Account Wide Gubbins is the ability to give very low level alts totally unattainable titles. Hence, my L1 Posse can choose from a selection of monikers that, if I think about it, are fairly telling. Not unlike what you name your Battle Pets, the titles you can pick from can reveal an awful lot about a player. For instance, a cursory glance at this lot should tell you just how much I like my soul-destroying rep grinds, that I own a Purple Proto Drake, that I've been to every corner of the game world (and done the quests there) plus... well, I like my Cooking and Fishing. A LOT.

I've done a fair bit of thinking on the notion of Account Wide this week, if truth be told. It occurred to me that people should be embracing the Account-Wide possibilities a bit more enthusiastically than perhaps they are. Thus far, the results have only been positive: pets, mounts and titles make a significant quality of life improvement in the levelling process, and act as good markers in Dungeons as to who's new and who's 'just doing the grind again.' It means that I can set out a Battle Pet Team for my Monk (and in 5.2 get XP while battling if I'm waiting for a Dungeon to pop) and the work I do there still counts towards the overall totals on my account. Having the Commendations for all the Pandarian Factions already linked to my main, I know that will make gaining gears when my Panda finally hits 90 considerably less stressful. It then makes me think what else we might expect to become a family affair in the future.

My non-story of  Account-Wide Professions also caused a bit of a fuss in certain quarters this week, but the notion of further linking your characters together isn't as big of a non-starter as it sounds. For instance, my account already registers my L1 character as owning the Guardian of Cenarius Title: what if said title worked like a Commendation does for a L90 character now and awards double reputation? That would mean I could go do Silithus quests whilst levelling and grind double reputation in the process. Because I'm already an Ambassador this would mean wearing a Home faction tabard would double my rep in those places too, giving easier access to bags as I level. Really, I think all alts should have access to double rep gains regardless, to allow easier access to professions recipes. That could also extend to Cookery, Fishing AND Archaeology: I know there are books you can buy to raise rep skill for Fishing with Pagle, but I don't think that's enough.

The other direction I think Blizzard could head in already exists in a limited form: the BoA items you gather for the One Man's Trash/Another Man's Treasure achievement. You could (for instance) have a Magic Cooking Pot that would add a multiplier to your cooking skill, or allow a proc on certain recipes (as is the case with the Alchemy Master specialisations) Blacksmiths could make a BoA Skinning Knife/Mining Pick that would add a multiplier to gathering skills... the key of course that these items remain BoA and therefore have no benefit to anyone except the Account holder. Being able to make BoA Trinkets for instance would be a MASSIVE boost, especially if they could be tailored to hybrid classes. Same would probably be true with Rings and I'd argue this could be a great way to encourage more people to take up professions when they begin to play.

For now, I'm more than happy with the current benefits of having a Main whose efforts spread across every character, but I know there is the potential for more. The question then becomes what Blizzard thinks is acceptable as a 'shared experience'...

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freddyboomboom said...

Re: BoA skinning knife/mining pick from Blacksmiths...

The Gnomish Army Knife is not a soulbound item, gives a +10 to your skinning/mining/herbalism, but it's made by Engineers.