Sunday, January 06, 2013

Even in the Quietest Moments

It must be an important cutscene, it's widescreen.

After the week I've had, I decided by far the best thing I could do yesterday was faff.

Firstly I maxxed out P's Cloud Serpent rep. I've not done a single race, so at some point I'll need to go back and pick up the associated achievements. However, I do have all three of the Wild Pets that spawn when the zone opens up at Exalted (with one at Rare to boot) so that's another job ticked off the 'To Do' List. After that it was high time to get K's aspirations of a fully working Tiller's Farm kicked into touch, and I now have 12 plots to harvest when I've finished this post. Well, 11 plots and a Vanity Pet :

I have a bad feeling about this...

It's the first Turnip I've farmed myself: I'll admit I bought the first one. This one will go to the Pet Bankalt, who's had a reasonably decent week in terms of sales. I'd still not recommend anyone taking up battle pets as a sure-fire way to make your AH fortune, but I do okay. Far more money is made from selling the spoils from the 1.75 Farms, currently herbs/Golden Loti. In fact, I've made close to 7000g this week simply by this means: however, I am reliably informed that selling armour made with Spirits remains a better bet. I'm not playing my Hunter friend at his own game however, I'll let him haggle with others for that market sector. 7k a week just from this is good enough for me.

What all the best dressed L1's are wearing.

It hasn't just been herbs though, there's been Enchanting Mats (Cata stuff seems to be selling particularly well) and Inks, as I've syphoned some of the herbs that K's been gathering off to the Scribe, as well as gathered ore off to the Jewelcrafter. With the Faire up I'll want to get both the Engineer and the Blacksmith off to earn their +5 to skill, plus give the Darkmoon Pet Trainer a hard time (soundly owned was his behind last night with my current Team of Awesome, expect a repeat of this until next weekend.) I've finally dragged the Tailor kicking and screaming to 86, and have half a mind to level her along with finally getting a Monk to the stage where they can be guilded.

Oh yea, and then there's the PTR to take a peek at. It's a good thing the kids go back to school tomorrow...

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