Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Coming Around Again

It's a Trap!

Those of you paying attention will have noticed I've been afk for a bit: I left the Guild running in my absence and we're now 7/8 in the Vaults, and I'd confidently predict it won't be long before we have a full clear under our belts. Me, I've been trying to sort out my life outside the game (including running in a new Fitbit) and so I've been deliberately avoiding the thorny questions of what I do next in game. If I'm honest, I'm not sure what that involves: I am at a bit of a metaphorical crossroads in that regard. I know I still want to battle (I picked up a common Wanderer's Festival Hatchling on Sunday, and an Emerald Shale Spider to complete the majority of new pets from 5.1) and I know that I'd like to try some more Brawler's Guild now I have an invite. There's still only one alt at 90, and as yet she's been woefully underused, plus I need to be earning Valor every week for my Legendary. As this might be my only real chance for a weapon upgrade this expansion, I should be making the most of the collection times I have.

It occurs to me that the problem I've had with getting the family levelled has pretty much evaporated with the introduction of Commendations: K's rep gain while questing means that she's close to being revered with the Klaxxi without even having close to competing the questlines. This means that if I quest (which at 90 means extra cash) and exhaust all the potential rep sources before I start dailies, I should still be able to use gear without grinding myself into the ground. I'm still not done with P reps however: August Celestials and Cloud Serpents remain incomplete, plus I have the Anglers to do for mounts and other items. What I really do need to do as a matter of urgency is a clearout of every single toon, bank alts included, as part of my 'Starting Fresh' approach that I begin each new year with. There is an immense amount of accumulated rubbish across two accounts that needs dealing with.

I think it is also high time that I start a Panda on a journey: what class and how I do it with everything else is still something that requires consideration, but it has been long enough since I levelled an alt to make it something I really fancy doing again. There's also the issue of two outstanding professions to consider (Blacksmithing, Engineering) and with the Faire due at the weekend, this seems a wise opportunity to try and capitalise. Add to that a Darkmoon Trainer to beat every day for a week for a chance to snag the Eye, and I suspect I have my work cut out for me.

I reckon it is going to be a busy 2013. Frankly I'd not want it any other way.


Matty said...

You may be like me: the more busy we are, the more we get done. Here's to a wonderful and joyous 2013, and thank you for the gift of your writing and insight. I need to give you credit for the Snow Peaks fox - I heeded your advice. (Really, when shouldn't one NOT listen to a Godmother, for goodness sakes?)

The Godmother said...

Hi Matty, welcome to the sofa. Always good to know when advice yields a positive result! :D

Anonymous said...

Panda Monk! Assuming you don't have a monk yet, it's 2 things done at once that way, plus hey, it's a big fat ninja bear, what's not to love? I'm leveling one atm as windwalker, neglected it a bit with soo many dailies and new achieves but hopped on it today and had some fun, hit 20 and...omg, REALLY? You get a daily at peak of serenity that gives you an hour of 50% bonus xp. Slacker leveling ftw, an hour every time i feel like it with the buff.


Navimie said...

You finally got a Brawler's invite. Yay! And if you're busy in 2013, all the better for me. More things to read then.