Thursday, January 03, 2013

Big Time

I'm in yr PC, downloading yr Client

Yeah, I'm going on the PTR.

It's pretty much a no-brainer this time around, especially as we'll actually get a bit of grace between knowing new stuff exists and actually playing it Live. There's too much this time around I want to see before it appears: Elite pets, pets generally, new quest hub, you know the drill. Giant angry dinosaurs aside, (thank you Wowhead) there's not simply the potential of stuff to write about: I'm genuinely excited to see where the storyline in this expansion is heading. Plus, it might be an idea to know if they've included any new ranged weapons this time around. Talking of which, must just pop off for a sec to check on that gun on the BMAH...

Still there. Playing chicken on an item upgrade = not optimal.

I've transferred P onto the Brill server so if you see my distinctive silhouette wandering around places I shouldn't be playing in, feel free to give me a wave. If you find me, I'll be happy to feature you on the site... :D 

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