Wednesday, January 23, 2013

All Together Now

How to make a Blog Post Part #72 : The 'Something from Nothing' Approach...

There's a term that journalists use when there's not really anything of earth-changing interest to report: it's a Slow News day. After yesterday's flurry of new cinematics (yes SC2 looks great but I'm still rubbish at it, you KNOW the Elder Scrolls isn't going to look ANYTHING like that on release, right?) this morning MMO confront me with a tweet from Mr Street which confirms... well, nothing in particular really. There's going to be a new 'unannounced' feature in Pandaria, like the LFR and Dungeon Finder, that we've not heard about yet. Way to give us a hint, Crab Guy.

In fact, it is remarkably easy to use the humble Tweet as basis for just about everything. As an example: here I am, with my good friend @loopnotdefined, doing just that. What if account-wide professions were the Next Big Thing for Pandaria that Ghostcrawler might have been alluding to? As I stated, I find him answering a tweet like this rather interesting, especially with the choice of language. I don't think I've ever considered any of my professions as a 'badge of honor', most are exercises in patience and persistence, but all are important means of making money. The concept of 'account-wide' professions immediately fills me with curiosity: I have every profession currently available. What would the benefits of them being account-wide be?

The primary one that springs to mind is tied to crafting materials, and this might make some of you sit up and take notice. If Spirits became BoA (which might be a logical extension of this line of thought) that would open up a HUGE potential shift in emphasis. What if I could use my enchanters ring only enchants on any character, or tinker items onto any characters armour if I had an Engineer maxxed? Would this not then encourage people to start levelling professions because to have them all became an advantage, which in turn would cause a massive uptake in raw materials? Would this not mean the AH would be full to bursting of items that ultimately nobody would need because everyone had a full set of Professions and would ultimately lead to the total collapse of the In-Game Economy?

Making Professions account-wide could have some potentially very serious consequences. It would be a quantum shift for the game. I can't believe that Blizzard would even entertain the possibility. So, why ask the question? Here's the thing when you play the speculation game: that's all it is. Without a tweet that states, beyond a shadow of a doubt that Thing X is happening, you've got nothing. Zip. Nada. However, that doesn't stop people trying, and it also doesn't stop others trying to find the right combination of buttons to press to come up with an answer that suits them. We go back to the first post today, that the game is as much about what you put into it as what is provided. Making mounts Account wide has been an unqualified success. Battle pets pretty much rock (like I'm going to say otherwise) and being able to have a L1 Bankalt with the Tamer title... well, it's almost as cool as my Account Wide Safari Hat.... and there we have the key to the account wide appeal.

Whatever Blizzard choose to introduce as the 'new feature' this time around (my money's still on the twice weekly raid lockout and improved loot for 25's) I can bet everyone will talk about it when we finally know what it is. Until that time, please try and restrict your rampant speculation to the minimum and if there isn't any ACTUAL news to report on any given day, man up and admit that. It's okay, some days we can survive without it...


Matty said...

I am going to scroll through my posts and see how many times I have wished for account wide professions. I know, heresy.

The Godmother said...

Easy now: I got blocked on Twitter yesterday because this was 'posting just for the sake if it.' Needless to say, I reckon it could happen too. Be careful what you wish for... ^^

Jonathan said...

Personally I'd like to see a catch-up mechanism brought in for all the professions that mirrors what they did with Cooking - a way of getting from 1-525 at relative speed so that you only have to properly level the current content. Or maybe a double/treble/whatever skill point gain similar to the new rep boost, that can only be bought by someone with (say) two professions already maxed.