Friday, January 18, 2013

All the Small Things

Not a bad way to start my weekend.

After yesterday, I resolved to log this morning for a couple of hours and just 'see what happened.' As it transpires, a lot did. There's tons of stuff in progress at present, but there's also one particular journey complete. It is satisfying to have all the available factions (not looking at Nat, he's a project) complete before 5.2 begins: it means I can cue up a ton more stuff to start chipping away at.

Lots of stuffs!

I managed to find three mobs that weren't ticked off for Glorious this morning, which is the best result I've had for the best part of a fortnight. This means I'm down to eight champions:

As the numbers drop, it doesn't get any easier...

My approach is fairly straightforward: identify the mobs I'm missing from a zone and target an area where I'm most likely to find one, and just make sure that whenever I'm out and about doing whatever I might be doing, I go fly over their spawn points. For that I use the always useful Silver Dragon, tied to the awesomeness that is Handy Notes which allows me to link spawn points to show on my Minimap. This works 99% of the time (I'm betting Galleon's never spawned on the coast at Krasarang, for instance) and is good enough to give me a realistic operating area. I've also worked out that more than one Champion can be up at a time in a zone, so if I find one alive it doesn't matter if I skip it or not. I kind of wish P was an Enchanter, because I'd be raking it in from shards. No matter: my next area of interest is the Jade Forest, not simply for Krax'ik and Sarnak.

I picked up my 10th treasure late last night for Lost and Found (again using a Handy Notes module linked to the Minimap) and snagged the Kafa Press from Kun Lai this morning: there's at least three items in the Jade Forest I haven't seen yet so it makes sense to try and concentrate my search there, so much so I will move P to Dawn's Blossom starting tomorrow to try and focus efforts. On top of all this, I'm still training my Cookery Apprentice (onto the second stack of Needle Mushrooms) and trying to fish for the elusive catches. Pagle's a fickle git, you know: I caught stuff for him back in Vanilla and it took AGES then: isn't this enough? I even kept the Mudskunk Lures he sold me... *sigh*

There's also the matter of Blacksmithing and Engineering (more on those over Le Weekend) and the chance I might finally knock off the Bombing Hell that is Over Their Heads. I've decided to pick one achievement at a time to complete or else I think I stand a chance of imploding from too much effort. Slow and steady, like the expression says, is just fine for me. The game isn't going anywhere, after all.

The last bonus today: TWO (count them!) new mounts. The Kite String is okay, but it doesn't walk on water, now does it?

Looks awful, but WALKS ON WATER :O

Now, about those Epic Quality Battle Pets that aren't at L25 yet... ^^

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