Saturday, November 03, 2012

IntPiPoMo 2012 : The Big Dig

Apologies for absence yesterday, but I have a job (of sorts) to occupy myself with and I actually had to do some work, plus I'm doing the NaNoWriMo thing... and anyway, enough excuses! Pictures! We want pictures!

The first job of the day.

Welcome to my Farm, the first place I go when I log. If I could use my house as an Inn that would be great, thinking about it, but there is somewhere that serves the same purpose just around the corner, and this is where most of my still-85's have their homes for now. There is not as yet any grand plan to my planting: vegetables are shaping up to be a lucrative market on the AH, but for now I stick to Songbell Seeds for the Motes of Harmony.

You missed a plot!

The business of planting is now officially a Faff (TM) and I can see this might in itself be a way to restrict people from becoming Farming Farmers: I tend to round up all the critters at once to kill (I've had six to do in one hit thus far) but the introduction of the sprinkler system and the bug zappers helps. I can see weedkiller and pest traps being introduced in a later patch, if I think about it. All these redundancies built in, with a new currency to take care of the purchases. Very smart, Blizzard.

All done for another day...

Because of my time constraints I don't plant alt farms unless I know I'll have the opportunity to harvest: this means a fair few of my sub-90 plots have laid fallow for a while, a fact I intend to change when I've finished this post. I've been spending a lot of time at the AH this week, if truth be told, trying to work out where my markets are going to be over the winter months, and I already have a few ideas in mind...

Thursday, November 01, 2012

IntPiPoMo 2012 : Where I Am

You're here too, right?

November begins, and that means I'm ready to start my participation in Angelya IntPiPoMo Event. It strikes me that this exercise should be about what I do in game and what I see as I travel, rather than going out of my way to find great shots to showcase my ability to frame a decent screenie. Therefore, the first two shots you get are of a place where I am spending more time than I'd like, but to a necessary end.

Looking out towards where the Klaxxi are calling me...

I do the Golden Lotus Dailies with my husband (or else it would take him all night he tells me, but I've seen his dps in 5 mans so maybe he does genuinely enjoy my company) and this place is yet to get boring to look at, which is fortunate. I just skinned 300 leather from the daily mobs (gazelles and wolves we love you!)

I'd expect to see a lot of Pandaria in the next month but there will be other places, especially as my Pet battling is taking me to Outland next... :D

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

In Praise of a Top Paladin

Today, in a departure from my normal rambling, I'd like to take a moment to tell you about the awesome bloke that sits to my right of an evening.

This place needs a 25 man raid... ^^

My husband's been playing (almost) as long as I have. He's the reason I moved off a PvP server and am where I am today. He's the best tank I know by quite some way and he puts up with an awful lot from me. Today's not an anniversary, nor a particularly special day for us both, but i thought it was about time I told you guys just how great he makes my online experience and how I'd be utterly lost without him.

Can you tell what it is yet...?

He takes a lot of pictures in London during the day (see above), and in his spare time he likes nothing better than coming up with top quality Raid Boss placement guides. If it were not for this one, for instance, we'd have never got past That Section of ICC 25. Never underestimate the power of the well thought out visual guide, folks. There's also the small matter of his intense loyalty to the Guild, his superlative raid leading qualities and the fact that, above all else, he still likes me after over 25 years together. Yes, we've been together for a while...

Above all else, he's a top bloke :D

If you're lucky enough to play with your significant other, take a moment tonight to go and give them a hug, and remember that playing together can be an immensely fulfilling experience. If you don't play with your significant other its probably MORE important you go hug them too; I know how lucky I am to share this interest with my husband, and that it is something we can really enjoy as a couple. Never forget it takes two people to make anything work, and to keep that happening takes a lot more than just sitting next to each other and expecting everything to work itself out.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Relativity Redux

This was the plan...?

When you're trying to work out how well you're doing, a frame of reference is always useful.

By the looks of things, Ghostcrawler and I have more in common than I thought. My biggest single gearing issue right now is Valor: I'm not running Challenge Modes, but by last night I was at cap, via a combination of dailies, Scenarios, LFR and Heroics. Thinking about it as I was when I read this tweet, that's pretty much the way I'm betting it should be.

My drop luck in Heroics has been woeful. I've grabbed three items in LFR. I got lucky with some PvP Gloves from the Sha and, after a month, I'm looking a lot healthier than I feel.

The State of the Hunter, October 2012. Keep an eye on that 450 Trinket.

I think I begin to get the plan. It wouldn't matter right now if I were Exalted with every faction, I'd still not have the points I need for the gear tied to reputation. Checking Mr Robot religiously as each new item has arrived has demonstrated that I don't need the best ilevelled items either, simply the right items. The Guildie who struck paydirt at the weekend by selling a pair of 476 epic mail agility trousers did so to someone who thinks the ilevel is all that matters: it is, if you want to do LFR but for everything else... those numbers are deceptive. I deliberately didn't make myself a 476 crafted chest because on inspection of data it transpires the LFR chest beats it comfortably. The chest I'm wearing also beats my Tier Gear Chest (until such time as I can get more than one piece) so if you need proof that numbers aren't everything, there's a decent example. The problems then stop being about the knowledge you posses, and becomes that which you don't. It also helps if the RNG likes you, but that's another post.

Too many people don't think that  this kind of attention to detail is warranted or even necessary, particularly when going through any new gearing process. It is expensive to reforge every day, after all, as it is to repatch items and reapply shoulder enchants: the benefits however cannot be reinforced enough. The difference even a single upgrade will make to dps or healing efficiency at this level cannot be overstated enough: just ask the tanks who know exactly what they need to survive. There are bargains to be had on the AH too, many people selling enchants for well below what they'll be worth in a year from now. It also doesn't have to be Epic to be the best, the Ghost Iron Dragonling above proof positive that knowledge is power. I didn't know I could even use Cogwheels until I saw a shaman using one in a 5 man, who went on to inform me (quite rightly) that +600 to three stats will be a decent trinket for Heroics and beyond. The dragon's a bit unruly sometimes (likes to pull mobs with aoe, what can I say) but this baby beats the Coren Direbrew trinket I worked quite hard to obtain. Stuff looks good in principle only until you hold it up against other items of value, and then the picture can change quite radically.

It is interesting to look at the state of my Twitter feed as a general indicator of where things sit, and a month in it is clear that if this deliberate gating was the plan, it's got as many haters and supporters... but this has always been the way. The most vocal will undoubtedly take their ire to the keyboard, whilst the rest of the world works quietly towards the next upgrade. There have been significant changes in relation to a lot of these complaints to boot: Valor earnings were quietly increased last week (see yesterday's post) in what is a clear response to complaints that 'it's not happening fast enough.' However it is easy to forget in our individual perceptions of time that only a month has passed since the expansion launched. It does seem like we've been here a lot longer, and that too will have had some bearing on those who feel things are not happening quickly enough.

My husband loves to tell me that my assertions that it's been 'a long day/week' are utterly false: time passes at the universally constant rate of one second per second and will continue to do so long after I've left the planet. Time therefore does remain the one real constant in this entire equation. I'll get the gear, but it's going to take time. At least it appears that I'm in good company... :D

Monday, October 29, 2012

Knowing the Score

Reassuringly average...

The worst thing about numbers is they don't lie.

You can choose to ignore them, sure. You can convince yourself that they don't matter too, but if you are the kind of person that keeps referring back to them in the first place, you're only kidding yourself in the end. Everything has a value. Numbers define what you are with a precision that is often depressingly harsh.

The problem that many people are having right now in game with content has a lot to do with numbers too: too much, not enough that's 'appropriate', too many numbers to deal with, too much information to assimilate. When you look at my pet score above for instance (I wasn't going to check but I see that other people are doing the same) I am not the best. My reputation bars remain as yet unmaxxed. Yes, this bothers me that these numbers aren't higher (or lower depending on the position) but the balancing act is one you need to learn and then stick to. We go back to the discussion we had a couple of months ago on the nature of time in gaming and that this Expansion, more than any other that has preceded it, is expecting you to be the mistress of your own destiny. The choices need to be made, by you, as to what happens when.

I am now faced, as a result, with some interesting decisions.

I can't pick up any more quests right now: my log is completely full. Four of these are account-related (more on which later in the week) and the rest... well, they're linked to the Zones I skipped when I hit 90 and just went mental. I feel there is a need now to go back to where I started when I dinged and actually finish Loremaster of Pandaria properly, to clear out all the remaining storylines I have left unfinished. Once that's done I can sit and work out with a bit more clarity where I want to be and what needs to be completed in terms of Daily Jobs. I also need to pick up enough Valor to reward me with an upgrade, which means some faffing inside instances.

New Numbers. Courtesy of MMO Champion.

There are other considerations too. I would like a bucket load of Ironpaw Tokens (for various reasons). The Shando Pan have a hat at Exalted I'd very like to own for mogging purposes. There is the Yak, and to finance THAT there is the grinding of mats to make stuffs... and then there are the distractions. Fishing Dailies. Champion Hunting. Wanting to go and solo content I know I'm now capable of that I couldn't do before. TOO. MANY. THINGS.

It is fabulous to be in a position where I don't know what I'd like to do first, but this does not make for long term satisfaction. I keep having plans and then I'm off on a tangent, and it is coming to the point where I think, for the sake of me playing this game long-term that I need to set some stuff in motion. The quests NEED to be completed and the Log cleared, at the expense (as will be necessary) of me not doing Dailies until they are. I NEED to get at least one of the big grind factions out of the way, just having done with the Tillers is not enough. Once that is all sorted there may finally be some return to a semblance of normality, which I could really use right now...

I still maintain that this is absolutely the right thing that Blizzard has done with questing. next time around, however, I think I need a better plan of action. Its not like I didn't know any of this stuff was coming, the numbers were there for some time... ^^

Sunday, October 28, 2012



Ironically, the day that I'm finally feeling better, the Login Servers go BOOM :(

I have been working, however. I found a LW crafting niche and am actively exploiting it. I decanted a ton of pets out of my interface and into bankalts bags, and am selling cross faction for a decent profit on both sides. I have the Klaxxi open for 2 gear upgrades, I just need the Valor, which I would be farming RIGHT NOW if it weren't for the above message.

Needless to say, I'll keep trying, coz I am a sad fangirl :D