Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Pandaren Preparation Programme :: Part Six

Part Six :: Putting Something Aside.
See Point 2 Below :D

I am not a Gold Making Website. If you want them, there are plenty of very good ones out there to choose from, and each have their particular 'best ways' to make piles of shiny coins. In fact, a large number of people play this game just to make shiny coins, which I know can be as satisfying as actually doing the other stuff. Me, I do a bit from both Column A and Column B. As a result, I can tell you ways to make some cash to help you or your new Panda along in the Expansion, but you'll need to bear a few important provisos in mind:

  • Making money takes time. You will probably actually have to do some work.

  • Making money can be easy for some people and harder for others. Find a method that best suits you. If one thing doesn't work, try something else.

  • No scheme is 100% foolproof. The adverts are lying.

The one thing I will utterly recommend to you, if you are the type of person who finds it easier to spend than save, is to not keep the money you earn on the character you earn it with, and send it to a bankalt. If it's not there to spend then you won't, and it is quite simple to build up a nest egg like this as a result. Consider your holding toon as a Savings Account that you regularly make deposits too. Even if it's just 100g a week, that is likely to make something saved before the Expansion.

The other tip I have is time related. If you're going to do any of the things I'm about to recommend, do them for an hour. Don't spend all day/night, don't come to think of this as a chore or something you HAVE to do, just spend an hour and then go do something else, anything else. The deal with making money should not be that it becomes more important than the things you really want to do.

Right, so what can I suggest you do for an hour that will have a possible return?

  1. Run Heroics. Save Valor Points to buy BoE Boots or Wrists, Save Justice Points to buy Greater Celestial Essence. Sell them on the AH.

  2. Use your gathering skills. Check on the AH which materials are selling for the most money and spend an hour gathering them. In many cases this is NOT Cataclysm herbs, skins and ores.

  3. Buy a Potion of Treasure Finding (or make them) and go to a Cataclysm Zone with lots of easily killable mobs and grind them for an hour. Sell what they drop and what comes from the Tiny Treasure Chests you collect (especially profitable if you are a Tailor.)

  4. Run some Classic/Outland/Northrend Dungeons and sell everything that drops. Many decent Mogging items can be found in this way.

  5. Do a full set of Cataclysm Dailies. Do Tol Barad Dailies. Go and spend an hour at the Molten Front, there are many possibilities which will reward gold and mob drops.

  6. Run SSC and Tempest Keep in Outland. Bosses still drop 250g per kill. Lots of mogging items to be had there as well and many classes can easily solo a number of encounters.

  7. Run Karazhan, which can also be easily soloed by most classes and drops a large selection of items including rare enchants and mogging items.

  8. Spend an hour fishing in Cataclysm zones and sell your catches.

...and I could go on, and on, and on... There are a vast number of ways to make yourself cash that don't involve complicated guides, they just require one quality you can't buy from a website: MOTIVATION. If you want the money, you need to do something about it.

If all else fails and you've not yet started where this Guide suggested on Monday... go sell the stuff in your bags you don't need... ^^

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Pandaren Preparation Programme :: Part Five

Part Five :: Pandas from Scratch.

There are those of you who, when The Pandas arrive, will eschew the 85-90 grind and will be heading straight for the (INSERT SPOILER ALERT) that is the Pandaren Starting Area.

As you create your character, are you ready for your journey?

I'm going to assume that if you're rolling a Monk come Expansion launch, that you'll have at least one L85 behind you, or else you'd not be reading this guide to prepare yourself. Of course, it might not be a Monk, it could be any one of the other classes, but for the sake of this exercise let's assume you're heading down that path. Are you truly prepared for what you'll need to do?

When I say 'prepared' I mean that in a PPP sense of the word, which is 'really totally ready for most eventualities before we actually begin.' This means you have a bankalt, ready to send all the following items off to your named toon as soon as you've finished the Character Selection process. In fact, let's start there:

1. Get a Name.

It's still not too late, especially on lower population servers, to secure an Awesome Panda Name. I'm not here to give you suggestions, but if you a) have the space and b) can make a L1 alt with the name you want, so much the better. Needless to say, I have a number of what I consider to be Great Names already lined up. This is because I am a sad muppet I was organised ahead of time...

2. Arrange your Gears.

You're going to want Heirlooms, yes you are. That means Leather shoulders, chest, weapons and trinkets if you're not in a high-level Guild, with the addition of cape and head if you are. If you're really lucky and won a fishing contest you'll have a ring as well, but we'll assume for the record it's simply shoulders, chest and weaponry. All XP gains will be very helpful for the first 80 levels, and you would do well to enchant your chest and weapons with appropriate non-level specific enchants, because it will all help you speed up the process.

Then you'll want some bags: 11 in all (four for yourself and seven for your bank if you're maxxing out) these can include specialist bags of course if you intend to level gathering professions in tandem. I'd also suggest the following Quality Additional items:

  • Fishing Rod
  • Low level lures (buy from fishing trainer)
  • Gnomish Army Knife (for a selection of Professions)

If you want to be clever, I'd also take this time to consider finding some decent Guides for levelling professions as they stand. For instance, my Good Gnomish Friend El has some absolutely top notch tandom guides at the Extreme Anglin' Website. There are a bunch of Quick Levelling Guides for the Primary Professions on the Internets, I'm sure you guys are smart enough to find them for yourselves...

3. Cover Your Costs.

You will need some gold for basic luxuries. Of course you will make money as you level, but there are additional expenses to consider... most specifically, flying and bank space. Those expenses break down as follows:

  • L20: 4g, 1g for any additional mounts (5g assuming you buy one mount)
  • L40: 50g, 10g for mounts
  • L60: 250g, 50g for mounts (assuming you buy a flyer as well)
  • 250g for Flying in Azeroth
  • 500g for Flying in Northrend
Total for Mounts & Flying =  1105g

7 Bank slots cost 112g

Total gold required to cover all of this = 1217g

So, if you want to be properly set for your experience before you fire up your character creation screen, you might want to start considering these three basic areas. Bags are still reasonably cheap on my AH (I should know, I'm selling a fair few of them) and heirlooms can be bought with Valor Points. 1217 gold shouldn't be a horrendous stretch either, even if you have trouble making cash ... but if you are one of those people with problems getting those coins in your bags, we'll cover some basic options in the next part of the Guide... :D

Bucket List :: First Pass!

Today, I have tidied IRL. A LOT. I have also sorted/decided on the following:

  • Account used to grab a Spectral Mount Resurrect a 'Friend' is cancelled. L80 Hunter (WELL DUH) transferred to secondary account. Booty Bay Horde Bankalt takes one for the team.
  • Said hunter will a) get to 85 and b) be a herber/miner. Will take advantage of dynamic armour rewards at Panda Launch. I'm on ur Server, Xp'ing ur Nodes :p I see no point gearing aggressively if all this girl will go is act as a money maker. She'll be mogged though. Something to match her hair I suspect... ^^
  • Getting her to 85 (as a result) will be via questing and gathering.
  • Most herb gathers will go to my Scribe to build up an Ink Stockpile for the new Panda Glyphs.
  • Selective herbs will be used to help level a Third Alchemist (for potion specialisation). Most of the ore will be AH'd until we get to Cata ores, which are likely to be prospected by secondary JC-er so I can max that skill. Panther mounts /taps nose.
  • Paladin JC-er will drop mining and be given Alchemy. Will also be levelled to 85, where dynamic rewards will also be grabbed when XP returns. She's already got a mogged outfit :D
  • Priest Scribe also needs levelling to 85. I reckon by the time I've done all that the Pandas should have arrived... ^^

Plus, OF COURSE, I have to follow all of my own sage advice in the PPP. Talking of which, I may be a wee bit late with tonight's instalment due to the arrival of Inlaws, but I should have it up before the end of the evening... :D

[BETA] Tillers Farm Discovered?

Finally, on the day I a) finally get some stable Beta access and b) can't really play as I have inlaws coming, I make a discovery. As per normal, it's pretty much by accident.

Welcome to XP gain again, and a whole new area...
My arrow on the map shows where I discovered the Tillers.

XP has been restarted, my skinning skill is back down to 525 (BOO!) but the world has opened up, and that means passage to the Valley of the Four Winds. I'll be honest, I was heading here for the Archaeology (as you can see on the map) but I discovered something else when I finally arrived (must stop being distracted by huge piles of skinnable mobs) I managed, completely by accident, to become Neutral with the Tillers.

So, I talk to this guy...
...and this happens...!

The Tillers are the faction who will, of course, allow you to run your own working farm in game (similar, as many people have speculated, to playing Farmville in WoW) :D I'd arrived at the marked Archaeological dig (on the map above) and not really taken notice of my surroundings, but when I did I noticed something immediately odd. Actionable Chicken Coops :O

Clicking on these brings up a dialog box, similar to clicking on a Campfire.

The area entire has the look of a working farm: fields of produce, lots of coops, and barns, and it is clearly a work in progress:

Very much a work in progress here...

Needless to say, there's nothing here of any note right now, but I'll be making sure I log out here (to heck with the rested bonus) so I can return on next Beta push... :D To finish, here's a few screenies of the area for those of you planning to spend a fair bit of time on your smallholding... :D

Some views 'from the Farm'

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Pandaren Preparation Programme :: Part Four

Part Four :: Stacking your XP Deck

This section of the Guide is something to take on board now, but to implement later. It's an attempt to get you to think about what will happen in the first 24 hours of the Expansion, or when you log into the game to start levelling. Everyone and their Granny will be running around the starting area, wildly flailing and attempting to grab as many quests and XP as they can. You don't want to be one of those people, you want to be already ahead of the curve as you arrive. This is why we prepare ourselves beforehand. I suggested in Part Two that you all go finish the Cataclysm quests, because if you do this gives you access to Dailies. Here we will begin our reasoning.

A small but significant tally.

Some people love them, most people loathe them, but Dailies are the way to get stuff done. They award (in most cases) rep and cash, and are great for picking up random greens and other sundry gubbins. The exception to this rule are the Firelands Dailies, which for the purposes of this exercise we are ignoring in favour of a very simple approach. I want you to pick 25 daily quests.

If you refer to this frankly magnificent guide on WoW Insider which covers all the Cataclysm Dailies, you have 28 possible options:

  • Cookery and Fishing Dailies (2)
  • Therazane (6) + 1 extra at Honored
  • Tol Barad (6 in the Peninsula, 6 if your Faction holds the prisons)
  • Uldum (2)
  • Twilight Highlands (5)

Tol Barad does depend on your server population as well, but as we're thinking ahead you should have an opportunity to perm 25 from that lot with relative ease.  Once you decide which quests you want to do, then you wait. Wait as long as you can: if you can get the 6 Tol Barad PvP ones done early when your faction has the Area then so much the better, because you don't need to hand in on the main island anyway, there's a Quest Guy on the Peninsula for that.

Alliance Guy on the Peninsula. Horde get a Horde NPC :p

The plan here is very simple: have 25 daily quests completed the night the Expansion goes live, but DON'T HAND THEM IN. You do that when you log into the game once it goes live and you get your XP bar back, and using the Portals in Stormwind and Orgrimmar you let everyone else go start flailing about in the Jade Forest while you calmly and quietly hand in the 25 quests you've already done. When I did this for Cataclysm it rewarded me with half a level of XP before I'd even stepped foot in a new zone.

Of course if, like me, you have large families you can do these quests a couple of weeks beforehand and simply leave them in your log. Then, whenever your particular alt finally gets pulled out and dusted down for the journey, they too have a nice little head start.

On this point, I would also suggest that now is a good time to start logging out inside an Inn again. Most of us will have been logging in capitols and become lazy with our choice of locations, especially as all cities give rested as standard. The Pandas will expect you to find somewhere to stay before giving you bonuses to feed on. Get yourself into the Inn habit now, as your XP bar will thank you later... :D

Administration and Introductions.

/waves at all the New People. Hello, New People!

As there's been a bit of an influx over the last 24 hours I'll be spending today doing some much-needed site admins. This will mean that you'll be able to actually read a biography of me later today, and that there is now the ability to add this site to a selection of RSS Readers (scroll down to the bottom of the right sidebar and you'll find it) There'll be other faffing as well, but that's to be expected, as I am Officially the Queen of Faff (TM)

If you're new here, it's nice to see you. I hope you enjoy your stay :D

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Pandaren Preparation Programme :: Part Three

Part Three :: Taking a Professional Stance

You're out completing quests, and finishing your reputation. You're picking up cloth and dusts and mining/skinning/herbing as you go. Your first thought on returning to your home town of choice is likely to be to sell these things so you can arrange a modest nest egg of cash for the Expansion, because we all know Cash is King. That's true, to a point. If you have a profession, you might want to start considering the reality that, when your favourite mailbox is being choked by Pandas, you'll have that profession to level. It could be the moment to consider the best way to do that... :D

What your Profession Window should look like on Expansion launch...

1. First Things First.

There is one thing you really should do before the Expansion hits with your Professions, and that's Max Them Out. With the exception of fishing (which is far less of a grind than it ever was) and Archaeology (which is too terrible to speak of but could end up being Really Rather Worthwhile) all of the other things on the above list can be done as you finish your Cataclysm quests, because that's the way they're meant to work. The only possible exception to this are Herbing/Mining where you'll get XP for levelling again, but I'm betting you'll want to spend all your time doing New Panda Things and not dragging around old content (though I bet some of you will ^^) Plus, you can get achievements for having all these guys maxxed. Once you have, it's time to start planning the next five points...

Time to play 'Guess what gives the most skill ups'...

2. Be Prepared.

We can try and make some educated guesses, even with the little professions information we have on how the new recipes might fit in. Even with the best will in the world, you're going to struggle in the early days against everyone else gathering new mats. Even if the Charscale Leg Armour above doesn't give five skill points when you learn the Zen Mastery it's an item that people should still be able to use, and the mats are not hopelessly difficult to currently stockpile/obtain. Look at individual professions and try and make a small pile of materials that could give you that first five point advantage, and that you could then sell on to someone else. If you don't think your profession has anything to offer, look again. In the first few weeks you'll be amazed what sells, especially when people can't afford the high prices of new items.

I can has Ogre Tannin. I r leet Leatherworker :D

Remember that Volatiles may get very, very cheap as we count down to Expansion release, and may be worth picking up for recipes. Scribes will really want to make sure they have a nice stack of mats to restart their Minor Inscription Research. Jewelcrafters and Alchemists might wish to take advantage of their specialist transmutes for skill ups... oh and EVERYONE KEEP 2 STACKS OF EMBERSILK TO LEVEL FIRST AID.  Needless to say, once recipes are active on trainers in beta, I'll let you know a better idea of what might be sensible items to keep aside. Let's hope it doesn't change from beta to live ^^

Oh, and let's not talk at all about Cookery until we actually know how many Circles of Doom we need to travel through to specialise in all of the branches... ^^

3. If you don't have a Profession...

Yes, I know you're out there. People without professions are something of an alien race to me, but I know you do exist. If you don't have any primary professions and are reading this right now, I would suggest you go level Mining and Herbalism. Seriously, if you want to make the big bucks in the first six weeks of any Expansion, there's where your money lies. Even if you don't even mine or herb again after that, you're pretty much guaranteed enough money to keep you comfortable until the first post expansion patch hits.

If you go this route, I'd strongly suggest you sell everything you gather whilst levelling to the Scribes and the Blacksmiths/JC-ers frantically levelling their professions as I type, buy the largest speciality gathering bag you can, and wait for the Expansion Release date...

What are you waiting for! Get out there and start gathering! :D

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Pandaren Preparation Programme :: Part Two

Part Two :: Achieving the Right Frame of Mind

Well done for clearing out your bags, I'm proud of you. Now you're looking leaner, it's time to consider what else we can do to prepare ourselves for the Pandas. As a rule I like to 'draw a line' under each departing Expansion by ensuring I've maxxed out my Reputations with the guys I won't be staring at every day when it arrives. I also like to take the time to check the continual flow of information from beta tests and fan sites to give me an idea of the places that might not actually exist any more come the Expansion... and that's where we're going to start today. It's time to look at Achievements and Reputations.

It happened to ZG and ZA... and look at them now... ^^

At the close of any expansion, stuff inevitably gets messed around. Last time the consequences were significant: loads of places vanished, lots were redesigned, and the entire 1-60 levelling experience underwent a major metamorphosis. This time around (as it currently stands) there's not nearly as much upheaval in the works, but some is inevitable, and this may well impact on a number of achievements. We know for a fact that the following areas are closing down and reopening:

  • Scarlet Monastery is simplified from 4 wings to 2, both in Normal and new Heroic versions.
  • Scholomance is vastly simplified and condensed in both Normal and new Heroic versions
  • Areas used for the new 'Scenarios' may be redesigned. However, if the scenario at Alcaz Island is any indicator, these may well take place in lesser-populated areas.
  • Theramore will undergo a fairly serious remodelling. Trust me, I've seen the renders :P

What this of course means is items/patterns/mogging gear may randomly vanish for ever, never to be seen again. Certain achievements may not be possible to complete (Well Read is my major flag on this front looking at both SM and Scholo, considering the number of books in both instances currently.) In terms of Theramore itself it is still not clear what will happen to the quest hub, or whether it will be updated to reflect the changes that will result, so my advice to anyone who wants to see these places as they are now, or run them on alts, is to do it soon.

Even if you're attempting to avoid panda spoilers, I'd suggest keeping an eye out for any potential changes to the Old World, and to bear in mind what effect this might have on achievements post-Expansion. The best thing you can do is be prepared.

Money is pointless if you don't have the Reputation...

Reputation is a huge subject, and I'm not here to go into details... needless to say there are guides scattered across the Interwebs on every Faction out there and how to max them. I'm not about to suggest a massive grind to fill every waking moment until the Expansion hits. I'm here to ask you questions related to your reputation. The main one is this: would you like to make some money?

Here is a toon that can make money from reputations. Let me tell you why!

A fact that comes as constant amazement to many people when I tell them is that questing at max level is very profitable. XP is converted to gold, quest rewards can be vended for gold (unless you're an Enchanter of course, then it's DE all the way) and everything you pick up whilst questing has a monetary value. I can see looking at my Druid Alt's reputation pane above that she's got a bunch of quests to do in Vashj'ir, that she's hardly touched Deepholm (not even found the Therazane quests) and that the Twilight Highlands are a total mystery to her. At the risk of sounding like a badly-produced advert, THAT'S LITERALLY THOUSANDS OF GOLDS YOU COULD BE EARNING! Even if you never step foot in a Cataclysm Heroic again before the Expansion to max out your rep, you can do an awful lot worse than complete the Loremaster of Cataclysm achievement and watch those golds roll in...

If you do one Achievement before the Pandas, make it this one. Your cashflow will love you.

There's one added benefit to completing these quests, which we will cover in greater detail in an upcoming part of the Guide, and that's holding onto certain ones so you can hand them in once the Expansion begins for an XP boost. For now, get yourself up to SM or to Scholo one last time and remind yourself of what they looked like BEFORE the Extreme Makeover team moved in... :D

I'm Still Here?

I'm not quite sure how it happened, but I seem to have survived another round of Mog Madness... ^^

I liked the sword... ^^

Looking at my marks I was pretty lucky to have made it to the last ten, which is ironic as this is the outfit I like the most of all the ones I've created. I find myself wishing I could recreate this for my L80 Hunter... but I digress. This was the first time I used Mog It to create an outfit and frankly I wonder how I've ever managed without it before. It is a thing of compulsive, addictive beauty and I am DOOMED.

Because I know you guys like to know, here is the outfit breakdown for Round Three:

  • Mechanized Snow Goggles
  • The Wavemender's Mantle (obviously)
  • Breastplate of the Fifth Hunter
  • Fastfuse Gloves
  • Belt of the Black Eagle
  • Ghostcaller's Leggings
  • Steelspark Greatsword
  • Drape of Icy Intent
  • Bramblescar Greaves

Round Four gives me a tabard to match and as a result there has been faffing. Much, MUCH faffing, but we have an outfit (needed to get done early as I have inlaws coming at the weekend and I don't want to miss the deadline) I take this opportunity to say 'Good Luck' to the remaining 10 contestants and I'm confidently predicting, considering the incredibly high standard of entries this week, you won't be seeing me in Round Five...

Monday, April 09, 2012

The Pandaren Preparation Programme :: Part One

Part One :: Bank and Bags

There may not yet be a release date for the Expansion, but one thing's for certain: it's going to happen. As a result Having a Plan [TM] for when it does is not only sensible but pretty much essential if you want to ensure you're fully prepared once Launch Day arrives. By this I don't just mean a character ready to level, I also mean ensuring everything attached to your character is in tip-top shape and maximised to ensure that when your XP Bar opens up again, you can get a jump on everyone else. For that, we're going to do some housekeeping to begin with...

Bankalt says 'Hello!'

1. Start Simple.

Seriously, I don't need all of this. Question is, what stays and what goes?

I have a thing about bags. This may be because I'm female and do enjoy the odd handbag purchase now and again *cough* but I think it's more about latent OCD calling me to task. There is much to be said for organisation in game, especially with the huge amount of raw materials you can currently accumulate when playing. If you look at my bankalt's bank above (which I'm using as an extreme example) there is actually method in my madness: Fish, volatiles, gems and leather all live in their own specific bags... but I'm getting ahead of myself here.

The first thing I'd like you to do is open the bags of the character we're helping prepare and ask yourself one simple question:

What do I need to keep, and what can I get rid of?

This is where you you're going to need to be brutal: once you start levelling again, space will be at a premium. You'll want to spend as much time as possible 'in the field' and as little time at vendors and so the more empty slots you possess... Next, ask yourself the following:

  • Do I really need to keep it in my bags?
  • Do I really need to keep it in my bank?
  • Could it be sold on the AH to make me some money instead?
  • Could you use it for Mogging? If not, could someone else?
  • Can it be handed in for reputation?
  • If I do absolutely need to keep it, could it go into Void Storage instead?

The first two questions are of course the key: the object of this exercise is to make some space. If at all possible we'd like to make you some money to boot, which is why you should be looking at the subsequent questions with care. The key to this is simple: if the item is of white quality and above, and it's not soulbound, there's a chance that someone might want to buy it.

Take your character, go stand next to the AH, and check to see if anyone else is selling the items you have. If it's armour of a certain type (Lord's Girdle of the Bear) just type 'Lord's' into the search window. I'm not here to make you a fortune via Mog items, I'm here to make you spend an hour seeing if you can make more money with an AH listing than simply going to a vendor... so make time to do this. You may be amazed at what you end up selling.

When you are sure your items aren't needed, and you can't make money with them ANY OTHER WAY, then go find a vendor.

The question concerning reputation is also a valid one, and we'll look at that in more detail tomorrow. Needless to say, if you do have a bunch of reputation items in your bags and you're not maxxed with the faction in question, GO HAND THEM IN.

Once you've done this with your bags, go do the same with your bank.

2. Consider Expansion, Check your Options!

If, even after all of the above, you're going to insist on carrying all three of those fishing rods with you at all times, it might be time to look at getting bigger bags. Notice I don't just suggest you go to the AH and buy yourself some space either. There are a great many options for 'basic' storage that do not involve simply purchasing an increased sized container. Above 16 slots (because I'm assuming you've at least sorted yourself out an improvement on those Small Brown Pouches you got from the starting area) there is, as it happens, a vast wealth of choice

26 Slots:
Illusionary Bag (crafted)

24 Slots:
Tattered Hexcloth Sack (quest reward)
Portable Hole (purchased)

22 Slots:
Abyssal Bag, Embersilk Bag (crafted)
Dragon Hide Bag, Enlarged Onyxia Hide Backpack, Papa's Brand New Bag (mob drops)
"Gigantique" Bag (purchased)

20 Slots:
Ebon Shadowbag, Primal Mooncloth Bag, Frostweave Bag (crafted)
Papa's New Bag, Pit Lord's Satchel, Sun Touched Satchel (mob drops)

18 Slots:
Imbued Netherweave Bag (crafted)
Halaani Bag (reputation)

All the bolded bags are FREE: however, they are also unique (so you can only carry one) Most (with the exception of the Hexcloth Sack which is a quest reward from Heroic ZG) are attached to raid bosses that can now either be soloed by some classes or which are easily 5 mannable with some willing mates. All these bosses also drop gold, mogging items and in many cases have a chance of a mount, plus achievements attached. If you want a method that expands your bag space AND makes you some gold, this might be a route to try.

Failing that, if you are prepared to farm the mats for bags, you could do a lot worse than ask in Trade for someone to make them for you. The AH, at least in this case, can be a last resort.

3. Long-Term Investment is Acceptable.

Look at all that space. Spaaaaaaaaaace!

I am still amazed at the number of people who haven't embraced the concept of Void Storage. I think the problem is twofold: the 1000g you need to hand over to open it (with the 25g deposit fees) and the fact you can't just shove anything in it. Suffice it to say with an Expansion coming you're going to find lots of items (especially those linked to Seasonal Events) that you won't want to get rid of but you could do with moving out of your bank: although Void Storage can't accommodate them all, it can take a fair few. It's also a great place to keep your mogging gear (as in most cases that has neither gemmage or enchanting to worry about losing) so you're closer to the Mog Dude when you need to change a new item to fit your look.

If you've managed to free up enough gold with your clear up to access the Storage and you haven't already, I'd say it's a wise long-term investment. Considering (on my server) it costs 3000g for a 26 slot bag right now, this represents far more space (albeit with a set of caveats) and a long-term solution to your storage issues.

However, if you want to store stacks of any item (including crafting mats) this isn't an option, and you might want to consider adding a speciality bag to your bank with an extended number of slots just for crafted items. If you check my bankalt above you'll see he's rocking fishing, jewelcrafting, leatherworking AND enchanting bags (in which he stores volatiles/primals etc) Wowpedia has a full list of craft bags, and (again) if you can gather your own mats, you're more than likely to find someone in trade who'll be happy to make them for you.

So, what are you waiting for. It's Time to Spring Clean!


Tomorrow we'll look at considering where you'd like your character to be in terms of achievements and reputation when the Pandas arrive. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a very messy bankalt to deal with... :D

Sunday, April 08, 2012

The Calm before the Storm...

The last days of the Old Guard...

I have always been a big fan of foreshadowing.

P has been picking her way across Kalimdor, completing the 1-60 quests as she goes, and the picture she has encountered in her journey has become increasingly depressing. Garrosh's military ambitions are all to apparent the first time you arrive in Ashenvale, with Warsong in full-on Battle Mode. In the process of questing for the Alliance you discover that the Goblin's association with the Horde has resulted in a dangerous escalation of weaponry: they're building bombs. Honking huge bombs.

The Goblin influence is all too apparent in Warsong...

The secret ingredient that provides the bomb's explosive powers comes from the mountains of Stonetalon, and it is there that you see the Horde's ambition in full flow: a Druid training camp is reduced to nothing but a massive great hole in the ground. You are able to rescue some of the trainees but many, many are incinerated in the carnage. Maybe giving weaponry to the Grimtotem to the south doesn't seem like such a bad idea when you see what the Goblin's explosives are capable of... and it doesn't stop there. The Barrens to the north are the site of Horde naval incursions, and battles along the recently-opened fissure caused by Deathwing's emergence. As you head south things are no better, with Alliance officers falling left, right and centre to the Horde's relentless assaults. Finally, you make it to the Dwarf encampment at Bael Modan to discover the Dwarves have encountered something very nasty indeed in their excavations. You get no chance to discover what however, because soon after your arrival, the entire complex is hit by a Goblin Suicide Bomber.

Bael Modan in better days.
There is plenty of proof, if it were needed, that there is a great deal of anger on this continent. The question then becomes where will be the Horde's next target.

Forces are heading south from Orgrimmar, and it is clear that they don't intend to stop until the Alliance's presence on the continent is totally eradicated. There is one very significant Human base on the eastern coast of Kalimdor, and it's one that has, for a long time, been a thorn in the Orc's side. This week P will roll into Theramore and will, I suspect, discover that the port is all to aware that it's future is anything but assured. Deserter agitators still cause trouble as they have for some time, but there are more insidious threats approaching, backed up now by the Horde's newest converts and an awful lot of destructive potential.

Theramore looks beautiful as you approach it from the air, and a place of relative calm... but those days could well be numbered...


If you've not yet completed the 1-60 quests in Kalimdor, especially those that surround Theramore and its environs, I would strongly urge you complete them soon. The foreshadowing is here, and it may not be long before the Alliance port that exists on live servers disappears into the Great Sea forever...

#130 aka Stupid Eggs are STUPID.

Blizzard really know how to knock the fun out of a Holiday, you know :P

That's a lot of crap, that is... ^^

Yeah, so Noblegarden started last night. I stared at the same spot for an hour, fell asleep, went to bed, woke up and came back to continue to stare at the same spot for another two hours. No way am I making this string out for a week, there are better things to do (like my latest OU Assessment for starters) If you care about these things, getting to 500 eggs yielded the following:

  • 5 Elegant Dresses
  • 4 Tuxedo shirts
  • 5 Tuxedo pants
  • 5 Blossoming Branches
  • 3 Spring Robes
  • 3 Spring Circlets
  • 2 Spring Flowers
  • 3 Spring Rabbit's Feet

oh, and a lame-ass Mount. Really, this is the best we could do?

#130 is not great :/

Right, I'm off for a lie down... because frankly, that's not something I want to do again in a hurry ^^