Friday, February 17, 2012

This Week, I Have Been Mostly...

It's a FOUR RARE Day again in the Blasted Lands ^^

...and two of those dropped a Flawless Sphere. Blade of the Titans popped out of one bag. I recall that used to be a fairly regular reward from the chests in Maraudon, back in the days when it was a Chinese Gold Farmer Mecca, when you could find a chest in EVERY INSTANCE. /nostalgia...

Anyway, as you can probably tell, this has not been a week of trailblazing. 7/8 remains where we are (Realm Rank 56!11!!1) and it's likely to stay that way until the weekend. I've spent the last few days with my kids having some fun at my mother's while I'm try to write poetry (have been reasonably successful) and during 'breaks' stuffing odds and ends in around my upcoming submission deadline. In no particular order:

  • Running Festival Quests for tokens to hand in for Birds and Pets, to then be put to one side to 'mature'. People selling mounts for 8k now, you WILL regret this later, trust me. Instant gratification is not what it's made out to be.

  • Taking Hunter #2 through Outlands (see Wednesday) as a) an exercise in achievements and b) for mogging/gathering/moneymaking. Latest revelation was the price of Netherweave Bags on my server: I've been converting all my cloth to bandages, NOT ANY MORE. There's plenty left over too, so if anyone wants free 16 slot bags, I'm yer gal. Oh yeah, and check out my reasonably-priced mog auctions while you're at it...

  • Dragging the Bank Druid along behind Hunter #2 for rep. Nuff said.

  • Circuit of Disappointment (see Thursday). Pretty much a given until SOMEONE DROPS MY STUFF.

  • A side investigation on the merits of grinding mats for Motorcycle Manufacture, which I am likely to separately address in a later post. Suffice it to say: Eternal Fire @ 48g on my server :O There may be moar farming in Wintergrasp...

  • Mogging. Hunter P has a new pair of shoulders and a polearm. Hunter G finally has his boots from the Botanica and a new polearm. Both druids are now mogged. I have begun work on the Shammy and the Paladin. There will be extensive posts and pictures, after my deadline.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Circuit of Disappointment!

I'm staggered I've never made a specific Blog Post about what has become such a major component of my daily life online: it even has a tag! Time to change that...

Terokk's Dead. Again. GIEF TRINKET DAMMIT.

Welcome to my Circuit of Disappointment. I am not 100% sure who coined the name (might have been my husband, might have been my Fiery Mage Mate J) but the contents are consistent: the mobs who wave the RNG in your face whilst at the same time mocking you as they FAIL TO DROP THE ITEM YOU WANT: ALWAYS. Back before ZA was a 5 man I'd run that weekly so that the Raptor and Tiger mounts could fail to drop (and they always did ^^) as would my Hubby, who'd also run MC for the Windseeker Bindings (which luckily for him is no longer necessary) For now, my Circuit is comfortably compact, if truth be told:

  • Collect 40 Time Lost Scrolls (fine for Shadow Dust, thanks) so I can summon Terokk and he can fail to drop the Time Lost Figurine... On the plus side, I will never need to farm for Netherweave EVER AGAIN ^^
  • Go to Karazhan weekly and get mocked by Attumen, so he can fail to drop what would now be Mount #129... or...
  • Run Setthek Halls, kill Anzu, and fail to have his/her/it's mount drop. I think I have as much chance of this one as I do finding the Time Lost Proto Drake. I do look from time to time, but I have stopped going out of my way because it depresses me...
  • Failing to win the Northrend Fishing Contest. See here.

Maybe I'm destined never to succeed with these four tasks, because without a Circuit my life as a sad obsessed Collector of Things would come to an end, and everyone must have their nemeses. Maybe by finally writing them down I can at least consign one to the 'Done' pile (yeah that worked with the Fishing Contest ^^). 

Instead, I ask you the question: who or what is on YOUR Circuit of Disappointment?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Too Many Sixes... ^^

It appears, whilst I was writing poetry for my OU Assessment, that I was tagged by The Daily Frostwolf for one of those new-fanged Meme things, which appears to have originated from Gnomeageddon (10 points for name) It goes something like this:

The Rules.

  • Go into your image folder
  • Open the sixth sub-folder and choose the sixth image.
  • Publish the image! (and a few words wouldn’t hurt, though I dare say I couldn’t stop a blogger from adding a few words of their own).
  • Challenge six new bloggers.
  • Link to them.

Already, I have a problem. I don't have six sub folders ^^ I have screenshots, and then I have the images I devolve from that in a separate folder. Even that folder doesn't have six sub folders. I sensed I was going to have to be creative here... or perhaps not. This, as it happens, is the sixth oldest image in my screenshots folder, with interface and the like removed...

Your guess is as good as mine, frankly.

This image is now renamed lulwot.jpg. That's my secondary hunter levelling in the Tundra. I think it sums up my playing time fairly well, most of the time... :D

Now, as to the challenge of six bloggers...

I think I need a lie down now or at least a large mug of something caffeinated... :D

5 Reasons Why YOU should be Running Outland Heroics...

Yes, it's That Bloke from Tempest Keep. I soloed him. /flex

I overheard a conversation in Guild earlier in the week, one I come across a lot. If you don't have loads of time to farm, it's really hard to make money in game. The joke is of course, that you need very little time to make tons of money in-game, if you know what to do. Knowledge is power, after all, and I have on many occasions pointed you good people to potential money making avenues that require the minimum of investment to see a return. This time around however, I come with something extra. Let's go make some money by re-running old content, and while we're at it let's maximise our returns. Not simply in gold, but in reputation, potential mogging items and added extras. Let's go farm Outland Heroics, shall we?

I pick Outland for many reasons: most people like to avoid it, as it's just a place to be before you get to Northrend, but the fact remains there's a shedload of great looking gear wrapped up in the Expansion for mogging, a ton of factions to max out for pets, mounts and other useful items, tons of recipes to pick up... and because it's all L70 and the majority of you good people will be cheesing this at 85, IT'S EASY. Even my rubbish Bank Druid (who's shoulders you'll see in the screenies) could manage all this without dying as a Boomkin. If she can do it, then so can you. Let's tell you why:

1. No, REALLY. Heroic Outlands = NOT HARD.

This is my first time. Can you tell?

If, like my Druid, you pretty much skipped dungeoning in your grind to 85, there's a whole heap of Achievements missing in your list. Nothing says 'shallow alt' more than none of your reps at Exalted or getting the 1000g 'Got my Mind on My Money' achievement from a boss in LFR. If you go straight for the Heroic Outland option you'll automatically be awarded both clears, so it makes sense to start with the 'harder' one first.

2. Other Quests Are Available.

Gold is gold. JP's soon add up as well...

If you intend to run some Heroics in Outland, go check the Wind Traders you'll find in Shatt's Lower City before you start. If their Daily Normal or Heroic quest target matches the ones you're running, pick them up, because 13g20s is more money than you'd have if you didn't have the quest in your log. EVERYTHING contributes to your cash total. While you're there, I'd suggest you check out the Shatt Fishing and Cookery Dailies to boot, as there's a TON of achievements/recipes/cool items from those two that you won't get in the current Fishing/Cookery run. I should probably make a seperate post about that, but I digress...

3. Double Reputation. Yes, Double!

Happiness for an Achievement Lover. Two of EVERYTHING :D

The tooltips on the Horde/Alliance Faction Tabards lie. If you wear a Stormwind Tabard in The Shattered Halls, for instance... well, that's what you get. Double your money, and for anyone who wants to quickly raise their Home Faction reputation across the board this method beats the Legion out of the Argent Tournament or the Molten Front Dailies. I'm a great believer in multi-tasking, and this is by far the best way to get yourself quickly exalted with a whole bunch of people.

Did not take long at all, honest.

If you don't know where to buy your own factions main tabards, go look next to flight masters in major capitol cities as a starting point. There's even an achievement for wearing 10/25 Tabards to boot.

4. Mogging Items. Lots of them.

Pretty axe. Not costing a fortune.

Mogging has taken off in a huge way on my server. Certain items (referred to by the erudite as sassy plate/mail/cloth/leather) can command big money, and if you want to dress yourself cheaply then by far the best way of doing so is by running these dungeons. As they're Heroic it's mostly the same items you'll see too. Selling your green items could make these runs go from being simply a good way to make some extra cash to turning you into a millionaire, but that's going to depend on you and your server economy. Needless to say, if the items I picked up while running for rep sell on my AH, this method of 'farming' will be more lucrative than selling leather (current return: 1000g per hour) It's up to you, folks. The instances are there, you have no competition for mobs: the only downside is, as Heroics, once you've completed them you're locked out until tomorrow. Needless to say, there's a load to choose from... ^^

5. Learn Your Lore.

Hello to Jason Isaacs The Blue Dragonflight!

If you're lucky enough to have snagged the Legendary Caster Weapon from the Firelands you'll know who this is. However, if you've never run Magisters Terrace you might not be aware of his first appearance in Lore, and the events that surround him. There's a ton of Warcraft back story wrapped up in these dungeons, most of which is ignored as you pile your way towards 85, and taking the time to go back and rediscover the past is a great way to spend an hour while you pile up greens to mog with and rep to improve your standing. There's also lots of fringe benefits: there's the mounts from Sethekk Halls and Magisters, a 20 slot bag from the latter, various vanity pets available as drops or rep rewards, and if you want it, Don Carlos' Famous Hat. Oh and don't get me started about gathering professions...

A lot got squeezed into TBC, and most of it now goes completely unnoticed. It's a shame, and considering the benefits that your character can gain from a bit of time 'going back to your roots' it's a great time to revisit Outlands: you never know, we might be heading for some major changes to reputation come the Pandas. Some of this stuff might even disappear altogether... ^^ If you want to round out your character(s) and make a bit of cash to boot, you could do a lot worse. Plus it beats standing in a Capitol City going /afk... :D

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

#128 : I Dunno... ^^

Behold, the latest way to give Blizzard your money...

Mount #128 comes as a late Anniversary gift from my husband, but neither of us are entirely sure the Heart of the Aspects is doing it for us. The very-obvious Chinese influence is there, to be sure, and the amount of movement in flight makes it almost impossible to capture well and is likely to make me sick while I ride it/watch it. Plus, as of now there is now walking animation, so you can't land. It's hover mode or nothing ^^

Needless to say I call Blizzard cashing in on Valentine's Day and the fact there's nothing else happening until next month. But, as was stated at #126, a mount is a mount...

An Important Day

No expense was spared in the creation of this graphic.

Today, twenty five years ago, I met my husband for the first time. During that evening he spilt beer all over himself, burnt me with his cigarette and totally fooled me with his charm, sophistication and ability to look really smart when utterly legless. Needless to say, after a quarter of a century of practice he's improved all three abilities to the point where I am utterly happy being his wife, especially when I come down to breakfast and find there are flowers and chocolates waiting.

He's also the best Paladin Tank I've ever met, the finest Raid Leader I've ever played with and the smartest tactician I'm ever likely to strategise with, even if it takes him most of the evening to realise my idea was actually better and we should have done it on the first pull. Everyone has their blind spots, after all.

Happy Anniversary Palalalalaladin Bloke. May the next 25 be as much fun :D

Monday, February 13, 2012

Still Here...

...but it's Half Term for my kids, I have a College assignment due and another 1001 non-game related things to sort first, so apologies for a couple of days of Radio Silence. Normal service should be resumed some time very soon.

In the meantime:

... at least, no Love Rockets. If this changes, I'll be sure to let you know... :D