Saturday, February 11, 2012


That will be that, then.

Today has been all about the mounts.

Thrall takes time out from Maternity Classes to mail me. Bless.

I have a fabulous bunch of people in my Guild, and I'd like to thank them for putting up with the iffy Hunter for as long as they have. The benefits are continually appreciated!


They also look rather special to boot. Cheers, guys :D

Looked Better in the Box...

Needs a saddle. Also, less pink ^^

I can remember as a child saving for a Sindy doll. I really wanted one, as all my friends had them, but I needed to get the money first, so I was judicious and applied myself until one day I had enough to go to WH Smiths and get it. When I finally had it home and out of the box, I found myself wondering what all the fuss had been about.

This bird and that Sindy doll have a great deal in common. However, a mount is a mount, and this one is #126.

Perhaps the next thing I save for will look better when I finally can afford it.

[Note: Maths from last week still holds. The extra Love Tokens from the Daily Boss helped get me to 265 this morning, and I ground out 50 charms via Tol Barad to complete it. I may yet grind for another to stick in my 'Future Investment' bank tab...]

Friday, February 10, 2012

Sekrit Stuffs!

I may have been working on summat this morning... ^^

Shhhhhh... don't tell anyone... :P

Thursday, February 09, 2012

A Sense of Achievement?

... and here's P, with a summary of last night's events...

Last night, all told, was pretty damn good.

Let us put aside for a moment the Twonk Hunter in LFR who called me a ninja in Raid whilst whispering my mate (who already had That Polearm) asking him to roll on it for him. Let us point out that Deathwing dropped the polearm and two bows (neither of which I needed but both of the other non-idiot hunters did): random rolls gave everyone the item they required automatically. Hunter karma folks, never doubt it :D

Instead, I want to talk about how I felt when, after an hour or so of failure, I got Headed South.

I distinctly remember the first time I saw the Drake for Glory of the Cataclysm Hero being paraded around Stormwind by the guys who'd won them, about three weeks after the Expansion had launched. It occurred to me then that rewards like this have two functions: they are a way of visually indicating to people a level of particular ability, and they are a means to demonstrate that you exceed the gear requirements for the encounters. However complex these 'tasks' may be, they can be beaten, in every case by a combination of a) encounter comprehension (we get what to do) and b) numbers (we can outheal/tank/dps the requirements) If we take the achievement No Static at All as an example of this (which I have but three people picked up when we were doing Extra Credit Bonus Stage) it puts a great deal of emphasis on individual accountability. You can't dispell the debuff Static Cling and achieve, the only way to get this is to avoid the cast, and that means you need to jump AT THE RIGHT TIME. It's not simply about your own awareness, it's also solid teamwork. That's why I couldn't fault those guys in the early weeks of Cataclysm. They worked well together, they got the encounters and, perhaps more significantly at that point, their gear allowed them to survive. Parking their mounts on the mailbox (and causing an issue) so people saw them however... different matter entirely ^^

Anyway, back to Siamat. Headed South is nasty, even at the stage where our plan was nuke the boss until he's almost dead, nuke the adds and then finish the boss. With a 90% damage reduction buff for 90% of the fight it's not simply about the dps, it's also looking at your feet, avoiding stuff, movement and judicious use of cooldowns. It also depends on the gear and mana regen capacities of your healer, who has to spend a huge amount of time keeping four other people at a decent level of health so when they get tossed about as Phase 2 starts they don't die and blow it. When we finally cracked it, I think it's fair to say I really felt I'd earnt those 10 points. This isn't like discovering the Darkmoon Faire, or getting Level 20 on an alt, this one goes up there in 'Proper Hard' Category, and makes me think it might be time to grade Achievements the same way as Blizzard intends to rate dungeons themselves: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Bronze Achievements award no points, and would cover your basic multiples of 10: more significant levelling (L60, 70, 80 and 85) could be silver as they correspond with Expansions. Gold could be 90 and onwards coz if you've survived this long... ^^ You get the idea: grade achievements in terms of ACTUAL EFFORT REQUIRED, and give them points accordingly. In my mind, the Cataclysm Hero 'set' can be graded in three tiers: the balls in Vortex Pinnacle are a Bronze, No Static probably a Silver. Of the three in the Lost City, the Croc Death One is probably a Silver, and (if I'm honest) Kill it with Fire's about the same. I'd bet, if they were clever, Blizzard Devs could put one of each level of difficulty into a dungeon, allowing people to gauge their own level of competence, acting as a secondary indicator of gear level and encounter understanding.

Pre Tolvir, this was my list. Nine left to do now... :D

With all current raid content (with the exception of Heroic Mode in BWD, BoT and TotFW) being nerfed in some form, these Dungeon Achievements remain pretty much as they were when the Expansion began. There's some genuine nasty ones in the pile, and I suspect the next few weeks will involve me sweeping up what I need to add another Mount to the stable. Needless to say, when I achieve I'll feel like I've proper earned it.

I promise I won't go and sit on the mailbox with it either :D

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Moar Web Faffage

In no particular order:

  • New Logo \o/ I've been playing since 2005, and enough people have asked me why I had 2006 in my old logo for it to warrant a change. I've been a GM since 2006, but there's a WHOLE EXTRA YEAR I should acknowledge, if only for the fact I spent a lot of that running from Southshore to Tarran Mill on my first ever L30 hunter. Plus, it's TRANSPARENT and there's a space for *cough* Panda alt *cough* currently being kept warm by Bankalt. I need to change one of my two Male Dwarves Beards. I didn't realise they were identical :p
  • Various faffs to layout and Other Page Titles in anticipation of Other Content while I spend February waiting for Actual Game Content.
  • Behind the scenes faffage.

Watch this space for more details/changes/faffing as it happens!

Less Nerfs, NOT MOAR.

LFR Ultraxion Trash, Pre-Nerf.

The event leading to Ultraxion now requires 15 Drakes killed, down from 24.

Today, you'll need to negotiate 37.5% less trash to fail on Ultraxion in LFR. My first thought, I have to say, is WHY BOTHER?

I miss trash in Raids. I really do. When I walked into DS10 for the first time and saw the layout it was apparent that Firelands wasn't a move back to making you work for your loot, it was simply a way to give you rep up to Honored. When I heard that Blizzard was considering a reduction in the drakes pre-Ultraxion my first thought was 'I bet they just trash the event because too many people have whined it's too hard/annoying/pointless.' Reducing it does at least mean people cannot remain AFK until the boss pull, but I feel this is movement down a path that will only lead to more laziness and less learning. It needs MOAR TRASH guys, and it needs to be hard so people learn that you simply can't cheese your way through encounters to get to the Purple. If the only purple you're seeing currently is the above screen and a resurrection message, these players shouldn't be allowed into LFR in the first place.

My husband, who is one of our Guild's Main Tanks, doesn't enjoy tanking in LFR. He was bemoaning a DK last week, who's idea of doing his/her job was to chain pull what trash there was without a breath. His comment on this I found especially telling: 'Anyone who pulls this fast just isn't comfortable doing it.' It's the feeling I get so often in LFR from everybody: people are nervous, waiting for the first fight to break out, the first problem to occur or the first wipe to happen so the blaming can begin. The atmosphere being fostered in LFR is potentially far more damaging in the long run than comforting, and once Blizzard fix the issues with loot I find myself thinking that a lot of the problems that people think are tied to who rolls on what won't vanish, they'll simply become about how people play.

The trash in DS is, like it or not, secondary to the fights it precedes, and this is a dangerous precedent. Trash should be the way you get your eye in, where you can tell who is awake. It used to be where the bonus loot dropped too. I doubt we'll ever go back to the days where in many cases the trash was harder than the boss fights (insert your own 'annoying trash' story here) and that makes me really sad, because this is how I learnt to play, back in the day. It's how lots of us old timers did, guys, and if LFR is supposed to be a way of grasping how raiding mechanics operate. how about we make it so the stuff LEADING UP TO BOSSES teaches us something as well, even if that's simply 'DON'T CHAIN PULL NUBLET THIS IS NOT A CHUFFING HEROIC' *cough*

Before I dissolve into a full on caps only shouty rant, let me just make one final point. I appreciate what Blizzard are trying to do, and it's abundantly clear that what LFR has achieved allows far more people access to content. This is a good thing, I know, but unless people are learning something along the way then frankly there is no point to anything. Every day should be a School Day. Stop dumbing stuff down to appease those who make noise. Make them work for their gear. Teach them things by using trash not simply to inform them what colour does what kind of damage. Make them understand that dying when you can't pull down Drakes because you're too busy killing one mob after another is the ONLY TIME it's acceptable to chain pull. Every ability has a context, learn to use the right ones in the right situations. If you're not sure, ASK. While you're at it, if you could make sure their gear's enchanted and gemmed before they even start... well, there's another problem for another day. I'm sure someone's already working on that, right?

We need less nerfs to content and more people willing to learn. If people aren't willing to do that, perhaps it's time for Blizzard to simply port Warcraft to a console and make it single player ^^

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Site and Game Maintenance Advisory

Today, there has been a fair bit of web faffing. Included in this:

  • New logo with updated mogging portraits (details on Mage and Druid mogging will follow once I've sorted out Hunter #2) At some point this logo will become transparent, probably later in the week.
  • New Pet Collection sidebar added, in anticipation of Pokemon.
  • Faffing behind the scenes, especially with family portraits, biographies, and slideshows. Considering doing a video. Emphasis on 'considering' :p

There has also been much faffing online. In no particular order:

  • Lock finished Lunar Festival, and Love is in the Air. She will be the second person to complete What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been... but not for QUITE some time. While we wait, grinding Charms for a mount (sale)
  • Horde Hunter properly set up in Org with bags, gear and grinding pets in anticipation of making a proper go at the Horde Pet Farming thang. Neutral AH mules also in place and functioning well.
  • Banking Druid also (probably) doing some Festival Stuffs. Dungeon achieve off the Elders. If doable this week may also have bash at Fool for Love.

Expect some actual content tomorrow!

Not Easy being Green...

Coloured Auras for characters = WIN.

Last night I logged out with my Disgusting Oozling still out. Having done my daily fail to get a rocket Crown Chemical run I did end up pulling the Vile Fumigator's Mask from my reward box. The combination of green and item works rather well together. They should introduce coloured auras for characters you know. I'd walk around being permanently purple if I had the choice... :D


It looks even meaner when you're mounted on the back of a Nick Off Raptor :D

Some Hope...?

Back in May of 2010, we began tossing around ideas about how to improve Inscription. But at that time, Mists of Pandaria was still in the early stages of character talent development. As that was hashed out, it directly affected how we were then able to approach potential Inscription and glyph changes. As a matter of fact, at one point during the discussions, glyphs were going to be removed altogether. That then evolved into the idea of Prime glyphs being removed, Major glyphs being adjusted such that their added bonuses did not affect talents, and Minor glyphs being revamped so they felt more interesting.

Have no fear, I have been assured that Inscription and glyph discovery are being actively discussed in preparation for upcoming changes with Mists of Pandaria. This comes with one albeit relieving caveat: Glyphs that are now learned solely through the Book of Glyph Mastery are planned to be available through the Northrend and Minor research dailies.

Dear Blizzard,

You are very good at listening to your customer base, as has been borne out on many occasions where you've attempted to implement something that's been universally disliked. It is clear that by the above announcement you have listened to the large number of people complaining about the inscription book, which is clearly a failing in the profession to keep up with the level of character progression. Can I assume that the same courtesy will be extended to ALL professions, which are also woefully unloved in the current circumstances?

You're not going to tell me until the Press Tour, are you?


Yours, hoping we're getting a far better overhaul than just this one issue,


Monday, February 06, 2012

Poorly Sick.

Sick Hunter. Green slime optional.

Apologies for lack of Quality Gubbins today, but I'm not well. Lots of things hurt, some are not working at all and until my digestive system sorts it's bloody life out, I am rather out of sorts. In good news I managed porridge for tea tonight without it returning (as yet) so that's an improvement.

Anyway, if you assume I am doing the following until I say otherwise, we'll be fine:

  • Daily 'Love is...' boss thingy to fail to get Mount. Getting many Toxic Wastelings though. PLEASE MAKE THESE BoE Blizzard!
  • Doing Darkmoon, 'coz this will be a two pet week. TWO PETS.
  • Doing Lunar Festival. Bloody hell, needs more stuff.
  • Levelling shallow alts using all of the above in varying combinations.

Frankly, we need less stuff to do. LESS STUFF BLIZZARD!

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Here Comes the Science...

Well, maths actually, but you get the idea.

Number of tokens required for Swift Lovebird = 270
Number of days in Festival = 13
Number of tokens needed per day = 20.76 (or thereabouts)

Number of tokens available per day via quests using Friendship Bracelets = 25 (Crushing the Crown gives 5, the 4 Racial Leader quests give 5 each)
Number of Friendship Bracelets required to do 13 days worth of Daily Quests = 52
Number of Lovely Charms required to complete the above = 520

[NOTE: There is a daily that does not require bracelets at all and rewards 5 cards. You can use those to actually Achieve stuffs :D]

I can do 180 an hour with a Potion of Treasure Finding on in my grind zone of choice.  This means it will take a little under three hours to obtain enough Charms for a mount.

What is wrong with this picture?

I think I may have found a new moneymaker :D

Unlucky in Love :(

Peddlefeet 0 :: Darkmoon Fair 1. They win for now... ^^

I wondered last night, as I drifted off to sleep, whether I'd be lucky enough to be able to farm Lucky Charms and Grisly Trophies simultaneously to cover both World Events currently 'in progress'. Looking at the 100 mobs I killed this morning for the latter, it's clear I'm not getting any of the former until I'm done with the Faire. Looking at the Internets, I'm not the only person reporting this, so I'm assuming it's intended...

What is less clear is whether I will be forced to destroy my Dungeoneering Guide in order to allow the other item to function. I'm suspecting that's a yes, which might cause an issue once Love is in the Air has passed. It's a good thing there's six inches of snow here and there's nowhere to go for the day... ^^

[EDIT: Having killed 250 mobs for the Trophies, a Charm dropped on the next mob. So, no need to destroy my Guide :D]