Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Walking in the Sand

At least I know what it looks like... ^^

I do some pretty damn stupid stuff sometimes in the name of this game.

Last night I was flying around, in Tanaris, having come from capturing a Stunted Yeti in Ferelas. It took a couple of seconds to register what had happened around me but when I understood a Sandstorm had started, my brain thought of only one thing: a Silithid Hatchling. They only spawn during this weather event, it appears.

Well, that's the theory.

I've been in on the Island in STV when it started raining for my Baby Ape, so I assumed that the 'form' would be much the same: a decent, continuous run of spawns which would give everyone a chance to pick up a pet that only appears in a very small window of opportunity. So, I waited.

And I waited.

After a while I got bored and started killing the bugs in the area, which usefully now drop Thick and Rugged Leather. I did the same in the yeti cave (Thick Leather) whilst I waited for that spawn, so at least I could be doing something productive with the wait time. I counted at least half a dozen Alliance in the CRZ I'm in, including one other Guildie. There must have been approximately the same amount of Horde circling the one (of two) spawn areas I was 'camping'. Eventually someone broke the silence in General and asked the question everyone was thinking:

'Has anyone captured a Hatchling yet?'

I suspect if anyone had they had they'd be long gone, because I don't care how much I'd prefer a Rare quality of any pet, this was not fun. A cursory glance on forum suggests that since 5.1, no-one's actually seen any kind of spawn, leading to suggestions that 'this is broken.' The problems with such dismissive assertions is twofold: having a baseline, reliable event to compare this to, and understanding what the spawn conditions should be in an ideal world. This is the first time I've encountered any real problem with spawns, though there have been issues (Bog Beasts in Wetlands spring to mind) The new mob areas have been fairly intensively farmed but I was still capable of picking up two new spawns last night (Yeti and Harpy) so I know they will come in time... so, is this particular event 'broken'?

I didn't see anyone fighting for the two hours I was there. I didn't see a SINGLE MOB spawn. Unlike the Apes, where there was a regular stream of pets of all varieties, not just the rares, there really was nothing. After two hours and full bags of leather I gave up because there comes a point where the time spent becomes better spent doing other stuff (in my case, sleeping.) I'd love to know what constitutes 'normal behaviour' for this event but I doubt that is ever likely to happen, so I will have to assume that this pet capture will be one of those that will happen 'eventually.' If everything sells I'll have made 1200g from the night's 'work' and the understanding that some aspects of pet battling is going to require a measure of commitment I may not currently be able to give. If this is the case, then so be it.

There's still plenty of pets out there to grab.

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Ratshag said...

Even before 5.1, silithid hatchlings were extremely rare. I spent two full sandstorms flying around, not seeing a single spawn. Then the missus caught a sandstorm late at night and spotted two hatchlings, and we each snagged one. She hung around to see if any more would spawn, but none did (I, otoh, went back to bed). As far as we could see, no one else was in the zone.

Based on my experience, I'd say what you got was normal. Which is depressing, but I've always felt anything involving silithids was depressing.