Saturday, December 15, 2012

This is the Day

Confidence is a wonderful thing, Gentle Readers. Never believe you cannot do something until you give it a spin: you may surprise yourself in the process. For instance, this week I have found myself with a sick child to deal with and therefore free time but without a great deal of in-game assistance. I am still stuck with a blue weapon, the Tempestuous Longbow, which is as good as I can now get outside LFR and 10 mans. Being 35 Justice Points short of the 1000 points I needed to upgrade it and without any Honor Points to convert, I was at a loose end.

The Full List. I know I can do a few of these... :D

I'd done some LFR and was armed with Mana Buns and a Healthstone, and I decided I'd see who was being offered as the Dalaran Weekly Raid Quest. I've already established via the Raiding with Leashes achievement that Noth, Anub'Rekhan and Patchwerk are doable, but I wasn't sure about my choice this week, Jaraxxus (btw, should Blizz be reading, the 3D boss portrait behind the questgiver hasn't matched now since 5.1, might wanna fix that.) Knowing that Naxx has become a formality and that the Trial of the Crusader is simply a step up, I reckoned I might give this week a go, especially as I'm in a pretty good place with my soloing skills right now.

In the end, the Northrend Beasts were harder...

I'm pretty proud of this achievement, especially as I spent a lot of the Yeti portion of the Beasts fight sub 30k health waiting desperately to bandage. The Snobolds were annoying but not desperately so, and putting the two Jormungar worms together and aoe-ing with traps paid significant dividends. Jaraxxus was easy, and there was no need to worry about adds with a good lump of Stampede burst and my trusty Army of Megagoats (TM) Best of all, I did it on my own.

L25 Guild Bonuses ftw.

I'd forgotten the benefit of living in a max level Guild, and the bonus points I get at as a result. My bow is now as upgraded as it will ever be without LFR GIVING ME A BREAK. However, that's not really an issue when I can hold my own as I can currently. I'm still getting the upgrades too, even if I'm not able to get the drops when I am raiding. The Klaxxi are finally Exalted (as of last night) which means my Peculiar Signet is replaced and (ironically) it is only my weapon that prevents me from snagging Mystically Epic. No matter, it'll happen when it happens.

While we wait, here's a picture of some mid-air scorpids from the Dread Wastes.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are Floating in Space...


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I'm finding that my reason for even exploring MoP instances / scenarios is to boost my own iLevel so that I can return and solo old content. MoP has been questing, then pet battles, then old raids for me, and I've really been enjoying myself. Gonna have to steal your tactic and pick up the weekly in Dalaran while I'm going for the pet drops, too!