Wednesday, December 05, 2012

The Disappointed

We believe there was a lot of confusion when we originally announced this change and we're certainly at fault for said confusion. The original patch note was very vague to the point of being misleading. It was never our intent to weaken old raid boss encounters to allow anyone to have a chance to solo them, regardless of class, spec, or skill.

What we did change were encounters that were mechanically impossible for one person to accomplish, solely for the purpose of ensuring players have easier access to the hunt for the new rare companion pets -- the drop rates of which are actually set to account for a group of three players, not one.

Moving forward, though, we do not plan to adjust encounters for tougher raid bosses to be solo’able by all classes and specs.

That reminds me, I must mail that 50g to my Guildie.

After that, let's just take a moment to acknowledge the 'we're certainly at fault' in the above statement in relation to the 'Raiding with Leashes' achievement. Battle Pets are very much the solo pursuit, without doubt created with the single player in mind. I don't think therefore it was at all unreasonable to assume that when a bunch of Battle Pets got thrown into the Classic Raid loot tables you'd be able to pick them all up all by yourself. They've fiddled enough to make it a three person task though (unless you're already in a position to solo everything) which is all well and good for all of us lucky enough to be able to call upon some friends to assist us.

So, what about the people who don't?

The last sentence bothers me the most in all of this: It is entirely understandable to expect content to be a) relevant and b) of suitable difficulty for the size of instance that it is attached to. I don't think anyone would realistically expect Blizzard to retool everything to a point where it became academic. However, there are ways around this, and I'm amazed that they weren't considered. For a start, the choice of certain bosses is pretty incredible: The Twin Emperors? REALLY? Of all the other bosses in that instance you deliberately pick the most technically complicated to stick a pet on? There REALLY wasn't a way to make Razorgore simpler than the method you picked? You couldn't have simply reduced the number of adds that spawned or made the time between the Boss MC and the first wave even longer?

Yes, I know I'm not a programmer, and I'm aware of the often unexpected consequences of certain actions. However, I am very well versed with those bosses, and I find myself thinking that whoever picked these particular drop points weren't thinking from a practical viewpoint, they had boss and associated pet looks prioritised above the mechanics. I also suspect that seeding pets into the Trash loot tables wasn't even considered as a possibility, which is sad because it would have made life considerably more interesting. However, I can't help thinking that Blizzzard totally missed a trick here, especially with MC and AQ40 tied up with reputation grinds that have, for the most part, lost most of the quest lines that were initially associated with them.

This could have been a perfect opportunity to give players who haven't been around since Vanilla a chance to earn rep with two (or even more) of the older factions. In AQ40's case there's quest givers already in place inside the Instance, how hard would it have been to shift them to just inside the Entrance so that newer players know they exist and to standardise the places with the rest of the later instances? How difficult would it have been to make the bosses in MC or BWL drop the same type of tokens you get in AQ for rep gain? You could make the Blackrock ones give a choice of either a) giving Hydraxian or b) Thorium Brotherhood rep, thus allowing additional choice of beneficiaries. Surely that won't take any fiddling with bosses for that to happen, save a few additions to loot tables? Oh, and next time you decide that it's cool to stick a pet on a boss that SPECIFICALLY REQUIRES FROST DAMAGE TO KILL, it might be an idea to make that clearer than it is.

If we look at this exercise as a precursor to the inevitable next step, where we'll see pets in other places they weren't before, and we know Blizzard won't be changing the rules on difficulty, it might be time for a bit of a rethink. There are lots of ways to find pets, after all. Just please, PLEASE, don't make any more dependant on weather conditions or CRZ stability.

I really don't want any more grey hairs than I already possess... ^^


TheGrumpyElf said...

Twins is an easy one as long as you can out DPS the requirement needed which any class in the game can do in heroic dungeon gear no problem. Many could do it back in cata as you only needed 31K DPS to outpace it, less now.

Just do not do what I did and walk past everything up to them. Word to the wise, the entire hallway pulls when you pull them. I had so many mobs on me it was insane, I have no idea how the heck I did it without dying.

I do completely agree with you on the others. The first boss in BWL and anyone after it of course as he blocks you getting to them and the slime boss in AQ 40 are bad ones to stick pets on because very few can do them even after the changes.

I did not even attempt the slime guy because I forgot to bring something I could frost him up with. They should have at least removed that requirement and made it so he just freezes when he hits 1. Getting the number of melee hits in is another issue in and of itself.

dobablo said...

If you have Lil K.T. out when you pull the slime boss he actually starts nuking for you. You don't get any loot though because he keeps the mini-pet for himself.

PS. This comment is 77% false and 100% pointless

Jonathan said...

And 80% of statistics are made up. :-)

Dobablo said...

Why must all pets be easily attainable when solo? What is wrong with saying all pets drops can be obtained solo'ed but some will be VERY hard to get.

The option to get in a second person to help is always available, especially when there is rep to grind and gear for transmog as an incentive. Even better, create an achievement where someone needs to /pass on 5 pets or mounts dropped by raid bosses.

Viscidus is probably too hard for most classes.

The Godmother said...

@Dobby: I think the fact that they had to qualify they'd NOT made these bosses solable kinda gives the impression that most people have, that this 'mini game' is for one player.

I like the ideas, by the way. :D

dobablo said...

That quote above says that they have made bosses soloable by removing the mechanics that prevent single player kills. Some classes will always be favoured in a single player situation (unless fights get completely trivialised) and it says a lot about people in general when "Some bosses that previously required more than one player to defeat are now more easily dealt with by players battling alone" gets read as "we rebalanced all our old raid contact so that everything can be soloed by all class/specs/skills."

As for the bosses. They are all technically soloable, even if it is much harder for some classes than others.

Ellie said...

I know this is heretical, but there is a solo way to get these pets. Via the Auction House. Given they aren't capturable wild pets, I don't feel that takes away from the essence of pet battling, and it does mean that, even if you can't solo the boss which drops it, and you don't have anyone you can group with to down the relevant boss, then you can get the pet. I've seen most of them on the AH recently at not too ridiculous prices.

Anonymous said...

Razorgore actually isn't that hard imo, either I greatly improved my method or he got further nerfed on one of the restarts, I gave up after 5 tries on the tues of 5.1 release, then on thurs I killed him as mage, rogue, dk and hunter with ease.
Viscidus is incredibly easy for some classes, impossible for others. Anyone can freeze him, seriously anyone, throw the MOP Elemental Force enchant on a weapon and melee him, boom. The problem is the amount of melee hits needed to shatter, can't see any way a mage could do it, priest/lock maybe with pets and things like the pumpkin sword/trinkets that summon mobs, every other class can throw on some fast weapons and do it though.
Naxx is a different story, not the actual pet bosses, but getting past Patchwerk to reach Gluth was a nightmare as 379 rogue for example.

Katzbalger-Arthas (US)

Ellie said...

Oh, I'm so glad someone said Patchwerk. He's been a nightmare for me as a balance druid. Although if I thought to symbiosis a handy mage before going in, I might do better.

Also, realising the pull would also bring in all the things I hadn't killed on the way was exciting. ;p