Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Santa Baby

As much cute as I can cope with during Maintenance.

In case you haven't noticed, it's THAT time of year again.

I have over the last few days been ruminating on what I'd ask for from Greatfather Winter if he actually gave more than the stock selection of gifts every year. I believe, having thrown the Sweater at me last time I'll be getting a Football this Winter Veil, and I don't want to sound ungrateful but... really, you don't know me very well at all, do you?

So, let us imagine that some of that sparkly magic dust I have to haul off the Dwarves every year to rescue Metzen the Reindeer actually had the ability to grant me what I really wanted. I believe the default wish number selection in such situations is three, so there's where we'll start. Three wishes.

What would I ask for? (assume I'm not asking for another three, okay? ^^)

1. The Time Lost Proto Drake


I've seen this guy dead twice within a week, whilst up in the Peaks looking for a Snowstorm. I'd seen him once before that, since they launched Wrath. This was the mount, because it was an ugly colour and it was really, REALLY hard, but then they faffed with the spawn timers on Rares and now... WAH. This is roughly akin to that bike you wanted as a kid and never got and now, as an adult, know you would really REALLY love but it kind of defeats the object of the exercise. It's not like anyone could ever gift it to me, I have to find the thing and kill it myself, and there's the real key. I'd love it but I can't justify the doing nothing in one place for hours to be there in the hope it appears. It's like the Silithids in the Sandstorm. WAH.

If there could be a time free way, I'd be there. I'm almost expecting this guy to turn up on the BMAH and for me to go insane with my savings. Failing that, this is utterly and totally worth my first wish.

2. A Murloc.

iCoke Taiwan. WHY DO YOU TAUNT ME????

Yes, I KNOW I have a Murloc, several if truth be told, but this is a Thing. This is like the other man's grass moment: they're cuter. The earlier you get Murlocs from the game, the more awesome they were, and those are the fellas I particularly covert. If all things were equal I'd die for the Warcraft CE Murloc who can do the song and dance with the Hat, because that's the one that features at the end of my Favourite Warcraft Video of ALL TIME. If I'm able to get the TLPD, this one HAS to also be doable!

3. A Gimme on this Achievement.

Stop the sniggering at the back ^^

I could explain this one in a great deal of detail, but you know what? We've established my play style needs work, and this quest became my Nemesis in the days of Wrath. It would take me 15 minutes to complete it, and some days I'd just not bother at all because... it's like that Torch carrying quest you get from the Temple of the White Tiger. It's like Skyshatter in Outland. It's Torch Tossing at Midsummer. It's taking an Orphan into a Battleground.

I never went back to complete it and it's taunted me ever since from my Achievements List. The thought of going back just makes me feel slightly ill.

If I could just get this one for nothing, that would be great. Cheers.

If all else fails, I'll be happy with the Football :D


Jonathan said...

I'm with you on the TLPD. I've been known to log on at a spawn spot on my home PC, while working from home on my work laptop. Sadly the NPC Scan alert never sounded, and I haven't tried since CRZs came along.

The even better thing about Lurky (from the TBC Collector's Edition) is that he's an EU-only pet as Blizzard cocked-up the CE licences. :-)

Yoco said...

I don't know if this is any solace, but the song of Lurky has gotten a lot less cute at start of the current expansion. I guess they had to change it a little because of pet battles. he sounds a bit hoarse now.

And yes, I agree, Lurky is cool. In fact, Lurky was my first pet to hit level 25 :) I still wonder what opponents think when they see his "Stampede" being used and they are overrun by a stampede of murloclings ( )