Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pet Sounds


Cast your mind back a while, where you would have found me lamenting the complete lack of Silithid Hatchlings during a Sandstorm. It appears that my concerns were not entirely unjustified. In fact, in the December 10th list of game hotfixes, the following popped up:

Screenie from Wowhead. Joy unbounded is model's own.

I was in Silithus last night, as it was reset night, in an attempt to track down an Infinite Whelpling. Hovering over the entrance to the Caverns of Time, the arrival of the Sandstorm immediately alerted me that something was up. The graphic effect seemed different, more obvious, and I was immediately filled with a sense of optimism. Yes, they have increased both the numbers and the spawn rates, and there were sufficient pets up for me to eventually find and snare the Rare above, who I feel is now appropriately named. Not only was I able to get one but several Guildies also came in and did the same (proving again that Twitter as a communication tool is pretty damn awesome.) Add to that the Uncommon Infinite Whelpling I found and, all in all, last night was pretty satisfying.

However, a lot of that isn't about what I got, but what I helped someone else do.

My Wee Dwarf Mate. She's ACE.

Last night I helped one of my oldest and dearest in-game friends not only complete AQ40 and BWL for the first time, but also sweep up a ton of the Raiding with Leashes pets. Sadly the former refused to relinquish ANY Battle Pets but it did give me a chance to work on positioning and approach to the fights from last week. It appears that certain people have doubted my assertion that the Twin Emps are soloable because they can't do them: I have nothing to gain by lying here. Needless to say, this week I did have help, and this is likely to be the case until such times both me and the Wee Priestie own the pet these guys drop. Last week, I was able to solo them. Your class may vary. It was a good night for Mogging items, and Nefarion was decent enough to drop an Orb of Deception (always a popular AH item) which prompted me to consider what happens if, as a Panda, you use one? Is it just a change of outfit for five minutes, or does (as ‏@SocoWow suggested on Twitter) the game in fact implode? I suspect I'll be off to Wowhead shortly to find the answer... :D

Needless to say, the Sandstorm Incident makes me think that Blizzard is clearly listening to the concerns of the Battling Community (yes, there is one, stop laughing)  nd that this might in turn lead to improvements in other areas where spawn rates are at issue. Storm Peaks, I'm looking at you now...


Jojo said...

Gratz on the Silithid Hatchling! Following the recent hotfixes I have now resumed the search for one of my own *fingers*crossed*

Cain said...

I didn't think the twin emps were hard to solo at all, but maybe my classes just make it easy. Razorgore was much harder for me to solo on certain classes, but I figured out a few tricks and managed to solo it on all three 90s this week. Parts of Naxx I could see giving people trouble solo depending on class. I managed to snag a number of the raiding with leashes pets so far, but a bunch still elude me. I really must hurry up and level a set of battle pets all the way so that I can get in on these rare spawn pets everyone keeps blogging about. So much to do :)