Friday, December 28, 2012

More than Words

This is what happens when you have a graphics budget :P

I can finally post this, mostly because the guilt I felt having not completed and sent my own contribution has passed (the person concerned now has mail.) I have to say, I was fairly stunned with my recipient's generosity (okay, am still stunned) and now I'm a) awake and b) reasonably coherent I'll be off to collect my gift from Landro Longshot shortly. Expect an addendum to the bottom of this post as a result.

And so: the post!


Happy FFW!  I'm Stubborn of Sheep the Diamond.  For your FFW gift, I doubled up.  One, I wrote you this sonnet.  Two, there's a little code at the bottom for you to redeem.  When you read the sonnet, you'll know what it is.  I hope you enjoy!  If there's any problems with the code, please let me know.

I got this idea from Bravetank, who so recently responded to Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 with an Azerothian commentary that was quite humorous.

Godmother's Sonnet

Striving for committed play that's still fun,
leading by her example, she finds joy;
Capturing every pet under the sun,
Anonymously she likes playing coy.

The Godmother's writings each are a gem:
the Thunder King's rise in patch 5.2
and her characters: P, E, K, M, M,
G, N, B, M, E, N, and W.

If in this jovial time you dismay,
stop to locate the others around you,
people who share a commitment to play,
who all love our "jobs" more than the queue.

For you a gift this (j)ocular season,
You've been seen by an Eye of the Legion!

Are you looking at me funny? ^^

Thank you Sheep, needless to say this guy's a very welcome addition to the collection! :D


Kamalia said...

A very clever sonnet indeed, and an eye-catching gift to go with it! Well-done, Stubborn! :D

Navimie said...

I have been waiting and waiting for your post since I knew it had been done :P Now my curiosity is satisfied! Nice work Stubborn :)

Stubborn said...

Dear Godmother,
I'm just back from a week at sea, and I want to tell you how much I enjoyed making your gift. Truth be told, the secondary portion was only made possible by Navi! I knew she knew who you "really" were, so she dug around and found a few pets you didn't have so I could make sure I wasn't getting you a duplicate. Thank you again, Navi, for the help, and thanks to you, Godmother, for your excellent blog!