Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Let's Go All The Way...

This one's for the Instagram posse...

Pet Battling's turning out to be a full-time job. Who knew? ^^

As I don't have either the time or the inclination to embrace the obsessive nature of the Mini Game I find myself looking at ways to maximise the opportunities I do have to optimise the team I have, hence why this morning I downloaded EIGHT PAGES of accumulated data from I did this sorted by level because it occurs to me that, now I have the majority of available pets in my interface, the next most sensible course of action is to convert as many as possible to Rares.

I'm slowly levelling my team to reach the magic 75 pets @ L25, whilst at the same point making sure I have a good spread of pets from each Family. That means I'll be making my own list later that will encompass 7 pets from each school that will get the 'to maximum' treatment and after that I'll just pick five randoms to round things up. This should afford me with the best possible 'pool' of pets to choose from when battling anything new that Blizzard might choose to throw at me this Expansion, working on the (I think) logical assumption that my pets won't be capable of gaining any more levels anytime soon. As has been mentioned previously I could do all of this with a database but I enjoy the feeling of pencil on paper when I work on tasks of this type.

There are some obvious 'holes' in my collection: I have only one Humanoid pet at 25, and he's an Uncommon, so one of my tasks this week (as I prepare to give the Pandarian Trainers a good going over at the weekend) is to raise at least one more: I'm picking the Corefire Imp because a) he's new and b) I've always loved the Imp model. Hazel, my Rabid Nut Varmint 5000 is at 21 currently and once I have the Crimson Geode (he's called Chin, 10 points if you get the reference) maxxed I'll swap the Imp (named Hillman, thanks to my husband) in for a bit of speed boosting. My other highest ranked Humanoid is the Kun-Lai Runt (think we'll call him Harry) at 21 so he'll get next dibs on the action. After that, it'll be a slow and logical ticking off of the various schools in between everything else.

I have been quite laxx on my naming, and with over 400 pets now to cover I feel I have an excuse in that department. I know people name pets after all sorts of things (including other players) but I'm doing my best to ensure my stable is full of target culture references for a 40-summat mother of two children. I suspect that if I spent even a little amount of time browsing other people's naming conventions there'd be some really quite eye-opening moments: if I am typical of the amount of thought and care that goes into the task, there's a lot to be learnt for what you call your pets. It is also a constant reminder (if I needed one) of just how vast an undertaking this entire process has become.  However I do enjoy this kind of challenge, and part of me has half an eye on what Blizzard might have in store in future patches as I do this. It is the perfect accompaniment to my gaming life, and gives me something to do that isn't gear dependant (which currently is most definitely a bonus.)

Those neglected alts will be getting some love soon, but for now I have some very important lists to make... :D


farli said...

are you looking at the breed id's?

a high power crimson geode will probably be better in most cases that the speed/health version

Health 1319 Power 357 Speed 244
Health 1465 Power 292 Speed 273

1400-1500 damage elementium bolts are fun ^.^

The Godmother said...

@ Farli. Nope. I'm simply doing this as an exercise in Achievements. 75 @ 25 is my plan, and Blue will be the best colour to sell when Blizzard finally lift the restrictions on Wild Pets (which I suspect will happen) I'm not looking for the strongest team as a result, just all the same colour. That's a level of immersion I doubt I'll ever want to get involved in :p

Navimie said...

Ah, pet battles. levelling.. i want that 75 25s but i'm so SLOW...