Monday, December 03, 2012

Hooked On Classics

Not bad for five day's work :D

Yes, it was another weekend of Pet Battling :D

I am reliably informed that last night at least a fifth of the active Guildies online could be found in Naxx. Needless to say, I wasn't in a group with any of them so I am assuming a not unreasonable amount of soloing was taking place. As has been reported by Frostheim at the Warcraft Hunters Union, BC and Wrath raid bosses appear to be currently immune to Hunter pet Taunt, which made for some unintentionally hairy moments, but I can say I'm done with the floating citadel anyway :D That leaves two pets from MC, one from BWL and (unfortunately) two including the hard one from AQ40. I'm going to await with interest a strategy for soloing the Twin Emps, coz I'd love to know how it's possible with the heal.

Needless to say, that's not a bad state of affairs after less than a week.

With the Faire in Town I went and had a poke at the new Pet Tamer (within 50 health of a win ^^) and picked up the new pet (Darkmoon Hatchling) whilst picking up the pet I can actually capture in the wild. There's a few issues there it seems: I have two Glowflies: one is L10, the other is L3. No crows to be seen anywhere either. Sort it out Hotfixers! I've also conceded I'm going to need to train a second Dragonkin so I have a plan for faffing this week:

Lung is no longer enough...

To beat Brok, the second Cataclysm trainer, I am going to need a Dragonkin who doesn't turn up and boost the ability of Magic pets, as Lung does with Moonlight. I picked Lil' Deathwing because he brings Darkness to the field instead, and I'm going to boost him with Hazel so I finally have a rare-quality Mechanical in the stable. On current form to get them both to 25 will take a couple of days but when I have I'll go have a go at the last two Cata trainers that are eluding me before moving onto the Master.

This weekend also saw the bug with my 150 Mounts finally being sorted (wonder if people have Safari Hats now...? ^^) Needless to say, my Flying Disc is no longer the Mount of Choice :D

Yes, I'm showing off.

If only it came in red... ^^


Anonymous said...

Hello GM!

The twins strat is rather straight forward. Engage the melee twin (on the right), move yourself so your back faces (and is up against) a wall, apply widows enom to said boss, and blow all your cool downs. Mek sure you keep widow venom up and you're all good to loot!


The Godmother said...

Cheers Jaff, gonna give that a go on the next reset. :D

Anonymous said...

Ooh one other fact I read last night (didn't notice I only had one mob to loot when I was there, but must have had) is that you need to deal some magic damage to the other twin to get loot off it. I presume either arcane shot or serpent sting constitute magic, though I will double check and come back here if it doesn't).

Good luck with the drop!!


Anonymous said...

If you're exalted with Order of the Cloud Serpents, you can pick up some easy dragonkin pets around where the daily quest givers are, wild jade/crimson/golden hatchlings spawn there and they're already 23/24 (so 21-22 when captured) which will save you time ;-)
Gold/Jade you get lightning storm which would work great with your mech pet for killing his beast.

Katzbalger-Arthas (US)