Friday, December 07, 2012

Hold Onto Your Hat

The Armoury says it all

I'm Exalted with the Shado-Pan.

Ironically I am unable to ride my Dragon reward because I've not yet completed the relevant level of Cloud Serpent reputation. However, that's not the reason I did the grind to begin with. The mail/agility trinket items are, quite frankly, of secondary importance TO THE HAT. I've wanted that since the first time I knew it was available: I don't normally cover my face but until such times as I change out of my red outfit, this is the way things will be.

This, if I were RP, is my statement on 'going native'. I love Pandaria: the people, the places, and the mystery that surrounds the new island. I'm also becoming aware, as others are, that maybe we're not as responsible for the Sha's emergance as the Shado-Pan would have us believe. There's been something up here for a while, and our arrival on these shores may not perhaps be as co-incidental as circumstances are leading us to believe. Needless to say, I wear the hat of the Shado-Pan in respect to the warriors who took the time to fight alongside and continue to do so as I help protect Townlong from the Mantid. I also wear it to show the people I meet that this land deserves my respect and protection as long as I live inside its borders.

The outfit itself will now undergo some tweaking: I have a crossbow that is a better red match for the face mask, the cloak is likely to be changed. Needless to say, I have found renewed vigour in the last few weeks for preserving my mog, I suspect in the light of the realisation my Grinding Hell is going to end soon.

Add obligatory 'Scores on Doors' caption here.

I will have a Celestials commendation at the Weekend. The Klaxxi should be knocked off  next week (note to self, must do a mount roundup) and after that I'll have access to all the gear upgrades I require, and only be lacking the Valor to purchase them. That means the only incentive to complete any of these is a) filling up the bars and b) the stuff I can access at Exalted which, in the main, is mounts and Tabards. That means, this weekend, we'll make a real effort to get a second alt to 90: the Gathering Hunter is already benefiting from double rep from Shado-Pan quests in Townlong. This should make the 90 plateau considerably easier to cope with, and I'll admit I have half an eye on getting a second 16 plot farm running and profitable to boot.

I've not even touched Shieldwall yet, save running the Dailies you pick up directly on the Skyfire. I'll admit too that I'm only really interested in gathering 2000 Commendations for that so I can open a crate of Rats for Pet Battle purposes... ^^


Aygaren said...

So that crate of rodents is for pet battler's? Sheeze! I was hoping I could turn them loose on those allys :)

Grats on the Shado-Pan! They're the only ones left for Dufit now.

Kamalia said...

That hat and that weapon are such a great combination! Grats on getting exalted with the Shado-Pan!

Although I'm not Exalted with any of the "serious" factions yet, my Shaman has "gone native" to the extent that she doesn't want to do the Landfall stuff and I'm having to level my DK to see that content. :P