Monday, December 17, 2012

Do Your Thing

Your winter weather may vary.

My name is P, and I collect stuff.

Normally it is mounts that occupy my time, but for a while now I've been looking for pets. This is easy when you have lots of things you don't own, but as your needs list begins to shrink the options begin to involve an awful lot of hanging around waiting for things to happen. The most annoying needs ultimately are in places where you cannot accurately predict the occurrence of other events that are linked to the item you are pursuing.

I said yesterday I predicted a lot of time in the Storm Peaks. I was wrong.

Last night I deliberately hassled the zone. I spent the best part of two hours running around, killing stuff and skinning beasts. I did not pretend I was camping the Time Lost Proto Drake (even though I skinned a dead Vyragosa) nor did I make any pretensions towards pulling out an alt to mine or herb (though it did cross my mind) I saw one solitary pet the entire time to fight, so I did, and got a one level upgrade to my rare Arctic Hare. I was about to log for the night, when I spotted the green paw before the snow began.

Samantha or James? :P

Needless to say I can now pass on the following observations about capturing an Arctic Fox Kit:

  • It is obvious when it is snowing. No, really. Look at the picture above. You're not confusing this with anything else.
  • There are plenty of spawns, but ONLY IN THE ZONES WHERE IT SNOWS. There is not snow in the entire region either (certainly no snow around the Terrace of the Makers area for instance) so make sure you are in the right place.
  • It ALWAYS snows in Thunderfall. Don't get excited if you find it snowing there. I would suggest the Snowblind Hills or the area around the Snowdrift Plains as good capturing spots.
  • Evidence suggests that it is more likely to snow late at night. I capped at 11.30pm last night (12.30am Server) and I've heard about people capturing early morning so camping in the afternoon might not be the best idea. However, your Server may vary.

However, I don't have Northrend Safari thanks to what seems to be a persistent issue with Pet Battle Achievements.

I has him. Why you no see him Game?

As of 5.1 this was still bugged. If I raise a ticket I know I'll be told this, or given the stock 'please feel free to report a game bug' response , which is no help to anyone, especially when it is clear that WHY this is broken is as much of an issue as the problem itself. Internet wisdom is suggesting I release my existing Maggot and recapture, but the pet itself was notoriously difficult to locate as a primary pet prior to 5.1. There are no comments as to whether this has changed so the one task I'll undertake this morning is to go see what I can see.

[EDIT: Capturing a second maggot activated the Achievement. I did not need to dismiss my existing Uncommon quality Maggot to make this happen. The underground area where you will be asked to complete the quest 'The Shining Light' (which rewards the Ashbringer to Tirion Fordring) has now been supplied with a decently spawning supply of said beasties, so much so I was able to grab a Rare quality before I departed.]

After this, my capture options become increasingly limited:

  • Indigenous life is down to two remaining pets: the Emerald Shale Hatchling and the Lofty Libram. The latter will be a camp, I suspect over Christmas. The former I've not properly investigated, but I will.
  • Eye of the Legion is a CCG purchase.
  • The Imperial Moth will come, eventually, from my Tailor's Imperial Silk procs.
  • The Jade Crane Chick requires me to have a Pandaren at a high enough level to find a Pet Battle Trainer. I'll need to check if that means getting off the Starting Area island...
  • The Anubisath Idol drops from the Twin Emps, so that's once a week until I have another L90, after that Mr Bigglesworth is also a given.
  • Two pets come from the Faire: the Eye and the Rabbit. When it rolls around again I'll make sure I take the full amount of hits on the Trainer. The Rabbit? I don't care if it's Epic, I'm not paying 50k for it. My collecting has limits.
  • Pandaren Earth and Fire Spirits will come eventually with Dailies. I already have a spare Air on the AH from yesterday.
  • Various pets drop from pet bags. My relationship with the RNG is well-known ^^
  • Clock'em is from the Brawler's Guild. *sigh*
  • 4 Hatchlings from the Order of the Cloud Serpent. Once I get Exalted I'll check my options.
  • Camping the Wanderers Festival for a Hatchling.
  • Collecting 2000 Commissions at Lion's Landing to open a crate of rodents for the Sumprush.

Once I've done all that Blizzard, feel free to release some new content :D


TheGrumpyElf said...

I have now caught 7 of them and still do not have credit for the achievement. :(

How many more devouring maggots do I need to catch. :(

On a high note however, I did get my whelping finally, the first and only one I have ever seen, and it was a rare.

Yeah me!

The Godmother said...

Awww no wonder you are Grumpy :D

Grats on the Whelp though, will be using my first Flawless Undead Battle Stone (when I get one) to upgrade mine :D