Sunday, December 16, 2012

Can't Be Tamed

Not bad for a night's work.

The post title is, of course, misleading. Last night EVERYTHING got tamed :D

I wasn't going to try for the title this weekend (mostly because my daughter's ill and I've been pretty knackered as a result), and if there is one thing I have learnt in the last few months it is that cheesing the harder fights is often impossible. So, instead I got all logical: making a list of all the mobs I needed to eliminate, and deliberately matching strong pets against them. I've done some Internets research too, and putting that together means when I log on I have the full gamut of Pandaria trainers to slap for bags (and hopefully stones) Plus, as an added bonus, I went on and sorted the Spirit Tamers (note to self, must level my Whelk to 25 today, extra points if you guess what I called him) which means I'll have some Spirits to sell come the end of this week.

Aki was an interesting challenge: her Dragon pet's opening attack is near on impossible to counter, and so I took advice and didn't even try, restarting the fight until I could get Chirrup up first. Of course I couldn't do this if it was PvP... but let's not go there yet. Her Red Cricket was taken out by Mulder, my Alpine Foxling Kit. The key to his continued success is Dazzling Dance (where DATA ERROR = 25% :P) allowing me first whack, plus with the addition of Howl meant I could kill the Cricket and still have about 250 HP left before Stormlash appeared.

I'm looking forward to having my own Cloud Serpent Hatchling, because Call Lightning is pretty devastating as an ability (the tooltip is misleading, trust me) However, two can play at that game, and this is why I'm really glad I levelled Bruce, my Lil' Deathwing. He brings Call Darkness to the table, and armed with an Elementium Bolt to rival his old man's Stormlash continued survival was short-lived. Then it was Whiskers vs Bernard and the awesomeness which is the ability that is Food Coma. Going first, this means I get both damage attacks off before the poor wee Civet's got a chance to consider his impending demise.

As my husband remarked, the 3000g reward isn't really sufficient compensation for the amount of effort I've pumped into this. The Tamer title however will be one I will wear for quite some time. It should be an indicator, if it were needed, that Pet Battling is SRS BNS.

I've managed a fair bit of other faffing this weekend too, it's not just been the wee beasties.


The Klaxxi are done and get added to the 'must knock the remaining Achievements off over Christmas' Pile which gives me a ring upgrade and (as you can see) no need to level my Horde Guild to 25 so I can see myself on a bug. I also managed to push both the August Celestials and the Cloud Serpents over to Revered which means a) Commendation and b) the last obstacle I had to getting someone else to 90, so next week you CAN expect my focus to shift to the Secondary Mogging Hunter, as we make a real effort to start Gold Earning for the Holidays. No really, I need a break from the pets...

However, there is that one pet... ^^

There is however the issue of the last two pets I'm missing for Zookeeper. That means, at least for the Winter Months, P will be spending an increasing amount of time in the Storm Peaks in the hope of a snowstorm... :D


Linky said...

Yippeeee, gratz :D The tip about getting the critter first was spot on!

dobablo said...

Storm Peaks. Why is it always Storm Peaks.

The Godmother said...

Yeah. I thought that too :(

Eva said...

Wooo congratulations! :)
So VERY close to Zookeeper.

Ssrriss said...

Actually, I prefer Stormlash first :P You KNOW hes going to call lightning straight away, and his speed means he will go first, so Celestial Dragon with Moonfire should be your first cast. Deals a bunch of damage to Stormlash but more importantly changes the weather and negates the lightning damage completely :D You only take one hit from Lightning and then its gone! You can then choose to heal or Breath on him, I usually get in 1 breath and then cast a heal and I am almost back up to full. Moonfire again when off CD, same with heal and Stormlash is dead.