Monday, November 26, 2012

What, NOW?

5.1 is SAFE! or something... ^^

The baseball picture is what I got when I typed 'out of left field' into Google, which is pretty much what I feel having discovered that 5.1 is being deployed for the US shortly. I am clearly the only person not stuck for content right now, though I suspect that this move is deliberately engineered to co-incide with MoP being half price all this week. Any cash is better than none, after all.

I'd genuinely not expected to see this patch before Christmas. I suppose I'd better go find some patch notes then... ^^


Navimie said...

I too thought it was a bit too soon... I haven't finished all the things yet!

dobablo said...

I know. They said two months upon launch and then release the patch only slightly late. This isn't the Blizzard we know and love. I only just got Revered with Golden Lotus!

Hopefully we can get used to many frequent patches adding content and story as opposed to waiting half a year between raid launches.

I would be annoyed if it was raid content (barely getting started with the current stuff) since it can be hard to raid if you start to fall behind. That problem doesn't exist when it comes to solo content.

Rush said...

I'm not through with most either (I just started LFR two weeks ago), but I am greatly excited for the bonuses to rep gains. So much so that when I reached Revered with Glotus and Klaxxi, I stopped doing those dailies while I waited for patch day.

And if Blizz wants to push out patches like this, I'm all for it. I loved that Vanilla had 12 patches, meant there was much more often something fresh and interesting to explore.