Saturday, November 17, 2012

Unprecedented Scenes!


Last night I benched myself for 10 Man, and the Guild are now 3/6 in the Vaults. GO US.

However, I did not slack, oh no, as you can see from the above SCREENIE OF AWESOME. I didn't even have to camp, I just flew into Felwood and THERE HE WAS. After some discussion in Guild it appears that people are missing different 'rare spawn' pets, no-one has the same gaps in their collections... so the spawn rates appear to be spot on. With these pets there's often no chance to multiple battle and improve your pet quality, you just need to swoop in and grab what you can, so that's what I did. Yesterday evening was definitely a Good Day (TM) in that regard. I have the following holes filled:

  • Infested Bear Cub (Rare) from Hillsbrad, FIRST TAME \o/
  • Spawn of Onyxia (Common) after only 30 minutes in the Zone
  • Minfernal (Uncommon) with far less camping than I thought would be possible
  • Tiny Twister (Uncommon) after a couple of trips to the spawn point, it appears the midnight respawn that I'm seeing reported for various pets applies to these guys as well
  • Snowshow Hare (Uncommon) from Alterac, which seems to like to spawn currently as a secondary capture behind Rats
  • Snowy Owl (Common) from Winterspring which I've not seen all the times I've been out there for the Trainer Fight to get MOAR BANDAGES

It wasn't all my way last night however: I arrived too late for Restless Shadelings (back at 11pm UK tonight to capitalise on the reported respawn) and the Scorpling in Blasted Lands is another one tied to a timer. Needless to say, six gaps filled in an evening with the minimum amount of work is pushing all the right buttons especially with time as the new limiting factor when playing.

This weekend however is all about seeing how many pets in Outland I can pick up I'm missing, maybe upgrading some of the common pets I have, and going to poke the Daily Questgivers. Note to Blizzard: we need a Central Training Academy for the Battlers, like a quest hub, so I don't have to spend all this time crossing continents to pick up my rewards ^^

Let's hope last night is just the start of a Fabulous Weekend of Capture :D

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