Thursday, November 15, 2012

Token Gestures

My new best friend on the Farm.

Where possible, I enjoy the opportunity to plan ahead.

As things stand, I can only earn one Ironpaw Token a day via the medium of questing (unless you know differently.) This means, that I want to earn my Flippable Table and my own Cookery Padewan (plus store tokens for the Portable Refrigerator due in 5.1) I need to do some legwork. For those of you who don't know, that's where Merchant Cheng comes in. He sits rather unassumingly away from the hassle of Halfhill, and he sells containers. Whoever came up with this idea I must say is a genius: extra foodstuffs can now be bundled (as is the case with Archaeology fragments) and become a currency in their own right. 1 Full Container = 1 Ironpaw Token. 1 Full Container = 1 stack (100 veg, 20 meat and fish except Golden Carp which you requite 60 of) Not all foodstuffs can be containered mind, so check carefully before embarking on any grindfest.

This means, of course, that you can use your Auction House to grind with. Nev at Auction House Addict has a fabulous spreadsheet which tells you how to shuffle your raw materials for tokens, and I'd urge anyone who fancies making some fairly serious cash by this method to take a look. My desires are however far simply grounded: I've decided that 5 tokens a day is a realistic goal, considering the amount of meat I find lying about on daily quest corpses. I have a bag in my bank where I keep an incomplete stack of every major food I can use and it's simply about turning them in whenever they become full. The other tokens are AH bargains, because there's always someone who lists a stack of something at a stupidly low price. Right now I have a 100g threshold: if it's listed below, then its a buyout and a token, because I know full well how long it would take me to grind a stack of anything right now, and it is a resource I can ill afford to waste.

I'd not even considered the possibility of selling the Token ingredients (soy sauce, black pepper and rice flour) but once I have everything I want from the Cookery Trainers it is most definitely something I'd consider playing with. For now I have a side project I can work on without meaning another grind or more time aside from the real business of enjoying myself in game. All it requires is a small measure of thought and organisation. If I could only get the same level of automation running on the alts and their various transmute cooldowns... ^^

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