Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Campfire Ticket

I hope the guys at The Daily Blink are feeling smug...

Apparently there was some kind of election in the US yesterday. All I'm going to say on it is I hope if you're reading this in the US (or if you're overseas but eligible) you exercised your democratic right and voted. Many, many people died to give you that opportunity, after all.

With Vol'jin not only getting a new model in 5.1 but also becoming the key figure in the next Warcraft novel I think it's fair to say that the popular vote's going his way. It is interesting to see Sylvanas polling so high considering her more creative use of Eugenics: however, it appears that Vol'jin's running mate of choice this time around should be an inanimate object that grants a spirit buff. If you don't know the joke, you should check out The Daily Blink's strip from back in March. There's even a Facebook page.

The campfire was mooted as a replacement for Thrall, before we all became aware the Garrosh was going to go insane (and presumably trash Orgrimmar in the process, Godzilla style. MAKE IT HAPPEN BLIZZARD) It says a lot about the way Warcraft culture works that The Sha of Happiness is also looking like it could make an appearance as a Dark Horse candidate (Dark Amorphous Blob candidate would be more appropriate) I'm kinda hoping that, levity aside, we'll see some actual references to the Campfire in game because it says a lot in my mind to the way people consider the concept of leadership in game. Do you really need leadership at all? After all, give it to the wrong person and you're back in the Dark Ages... ^^

I'm seriously considering getting the PTR fired up so I can go take a look at what's going on in Karasang right now, and how this might have a direct bearing on the progression of lore and the balance of power. We live in interesting times on Azeroth, an awful lot hangs in the balance and it will be a number of key individuals who hold the balance of power over the coming months.

Maybe one of them will give us a spirit buff if we sit by them...?

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