Friday, November 30, 2012

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Back to the Mixed Bag!

LFR hates me this Expansion.

However hard I try, loot refuses to happen. It is becoming a standing joke in the house: Husband picks up the gear, I have a selection of attractive gold bags. LFG has, in effect, become just another place to collect Valor. No matter, I'll work towards my Valor legs this week. After that, I'll begin the process of replacing purple with purple. A weapon still eludes me, which is where I was kinda hoping LFR might come through, but no matter. I understand how this game works, that feast or famine are states you get used to.

The Scores on the Doors...

This screen was a surprise when I accessed it, and I have to go look up and see that I get credit for Shang Xi's Acadamy (which is the Pandaren starting area faction) across my account. This is telling me already, if I didn't know, that it is time to start considering some alts. I've still not progressed beyond the first hit of Dailies at the 5.1 Hub, but I did make an effort yesterday to do both August Celestials and Shado-Pan (the double reputation gives a substantive boost to motivation) I'll do my best to work at the Klaxxi too, and after that I suspect the 'secondary' reputations will get some love. The plan of course is to get Commendations from everybody, then max the bars, and never think about Pandarian rep again ^^ As things stand, I don't have time to gear alts any more. I will level them, and I will run them through Heroics, but I find it incredibly unlikely I'll want to repeat the Dailies on any of them with the exception of those who will benefit from recipes. On that front, many of my alts still have recipes from previous Expansions as yet unclaimed because of Reputation issues. It's going to need a LONG fallow period for that to change.

Obsessive Compulsive Time...

P's Leatherworking is one profession I do try and keep up to date, and this will be relevant when we go to a new PvP Season and the gear upgrades (automatically I assume like Cataclysm) in the Pattern Department. I still don't have all the items purchased as it took Spirits of Harmony, so I'll use the farm to update a couple of items a day. Note please that at present there appears to be a bug that won't tell you if you've already learnt a pattern when you go to a vendor, so take care when purchasing. After that, I'd expect to spend a lot of time staring at the AH ^^

Needs moar Violin Practice ^^

There's a ton of other stuff too, including Pets (will update the Database ASAP) and then, next month, I'm going to start on the Alts, because I am conscious of many things left undone that I want to do and, if I'm honest, I'd like a break from Huntering for a bit. ironically, I suspect the Mage will be the next one up... ^^

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Anonymous said...

It's not just you that LFR hates, just listen to all the anguished cries of "NOOO, Not Gold AGAIN" and "WTF, more gold".

Been trying to get my head around the bonus rolls as well. I've been saving them for specific bosses and in 2 weeks of 16 bosses, and before that, all the available bosses every week, I've not had one successful bonus loot roll.

I need to read up on it as at the moment, I'm tempted to just leave them to rot in my bag. When I read up on it, I'll be able to discover whether a raid full of priests nerfs your chances of getting anything on the bonus as well as the main roll (which I suspect it does) and whether the game is utterly cloth wearer heavy and as a result rendering it unlikely that us poor soft clothies get anything other than.... you guessed it.... more GOLD.

It may be my imagination, but we seem to have an awful lot of ranged dps these days in LFR's and not that many melee... Or is that just my imagination as they're all stacked on each other and standing in the nearest death pool to the boss?