Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pets Progression Post

That's a lot of dead pets :(

There are those who will tell you that 'having a plan' is always a good idea. However there are times that demand you to tear up said plan, throw it away and simply go with the flow. That's pretty much how it's been since the weekend with me and the pets.

The more astute amongst you will see that there's 2 Pandarian natives in my team above: that's because as soon as I left Northrend having captured everything that wasn't nailed down or tied to specific spawn conditions, I had an epiphany. When the rare pet you just captured is at the same level as your currently best rated pet, it is time for some decisions. As I'm not here currently to form a PvP team, I'm simply going through the motions of capturing everything, what matters right now is numbers and colours. Ideally I'd like this post to be bought to you by the colour Blue, and the number 25. The issue then becomes how that is attained with the most efficiency.

The New Plan B.

The new direction is wonderfully simple: pick the highest level pet regardless of when you captured it and level it. This will, of course, cause some problems when I want to hit specific trainers, so the deal then becomes making sure there's at least one of each family maxxed (which was the initial thrust of my planning) To do that whilst still operating a collect and store policy is not as hard thus far as I had envisaged, especially as I'm using pets like Sideways who come with their own self heal. It then becomes about picking groups of pets to fight where my aquatic pet has an inbuilt advantage: right now, that makes the Valley of the Four Winds an attractive prospect. Most battles therefore run a bit like this:

  • Check which opponents Crab has bonus damage attack to
  • Let other pets fight until Crab Bonus Opponent appears
  • Swap in, let Crab take a few hits
  • Swap out, ensuring Crab does not die.
  • Collect XP, rinse and repeat.
Although I'm sure this is not the best way to max experience its working for me right now and does mean that I can keep a rolling group of pets in the 20's whilst remaining in Pandaria to capture the last of the indigenous natives. Last night I hit the next target I'd set: 400 pets collected. The reward is one that will be levelled as a matter of urgency once I'm done with the first total continental sweep and the Trainers:

Venus. She's got it, yeah baby she's got it.

I'll need to think about what happens once I've done with the major Achievements: at the back of my mind is the Pet Battle Score (which I checked at the weekend: current #1 is over 14k, I come in at just over 1000 ^^) which I suspect will have some bearing on my movements once the last Trainer goes down. Until then, it'll be Dailies with my husband, raiding if my dps warrants inclusion, and slapping critters about across Pandaria...

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Anonymous said...

Well, I'll repeat my tip on pet battling since everything went bye-bye ;-)

Farmer Nishi, grand master pet tamer in Valley of Four Winds. Siren, her singing sunflower, does 1 aoe, Sunlight, every 7 rounds, nothing but self-heals otherwise. Take the daily, fight her with 2 sub-25 pets (may need a healer pet in there if one of your leveling pets is really low) and 1 pet with a spammable aoe, I use Water Waveling from Zul Drak which is easy to get in rare since a lot of them spawn. I let each leveler pet hit siren once, then spam Tidal Wave until both her back row pets die, finish off Siren with Water Jet. 1k xp for lower level pets, ~497xp for a lvl 24 pet, takes 22-24 rounds per battle, then just abandon the daily and pick it up again to repeat.

Katzbalger-Arthas (US)