Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pet Battle Sunday

Work with me, folks ^^

Today has been a Very Good Day (TM)

Let's do a roundup: last night I stayed up later than usual, because I'd decided on a bit of a game plan change.

Last Night's Progression...
It all began with the Restless Shadeling in Karazhan, which I grabbed on the 11pm UK (12am server) spawn. If you are struggling for a rarer pet in terms of appearance, waiting for this time of day really does seem to pay dividends, as the last two nights have conclusively proved. Once I had the Shade this left me only one more zone in the Eastern Kingdoms in which I had to capture a pet: the Twilight Highlands. I threw caution to the wind, ignored the fact I was only at Outland level, and dived in.

One stalwart plus two pretenders...
Lung, my dragon, ended up pretty much soloing most of the 3 pet fights in Twilight Highlands, the grey pets being little match for a 500 HP self heal and Moonlight. The two rares I did snag joined the team: suddenly the prospect of having L21 Rare Pets raring to go (and without the need for hours of levelling) made a huge amount of sense. Stinky has a group heal as well as a powerful single target, Edwards's heal too means this is a pretty self-sufficient duo, and we've blazed a trail across Northrend today picking up huge numbers of scalps. I'm currently finishing off the Outland Master trainers, having taken some significant steps along the way:

See, rep is all well and good but really, its what you enjoy that matters... :D

The Safari completed regardless of the two pets I had capped but didn't register AND all the cage pets that don't count as caps to start with. Kalimdor trainer was academic when I knew I had the power to do Twilight Highlands. Now its all about going back and filling in the gaps.

Needless to say, I've had more fun doing this than I did grinding the Golden Lotus rep to Exalted. The reward may not be a crane, but its been a damn sight more rewarding.... 

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