Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pay Attention, 007!

Right then, Patch 5.1. No, I wasn't ready either, but hey, you can no longer moan at Blizzard for not bringing new content 'to the yard'. The question then becomes, what is actually worth knowing? Patch C&P from MMO, so if they spell it wrong, I'm just repeating :D

So, stuff the Fighting in Karasang, the Brawlers Guild, Item Upgrading with points and all those stupid Class changes. The only line in the 'General' section worth reading?

  • Lesser Charms of Good Fortune no longer take up bag space, and are now recorded in the currency tab of the Character Sheet.

Thank Elune for that. Frankly, any bag slot is precious. Now, then, where's the IMPORTANT STUFF? Ah yes:

Farming News!
  • A new Seed has been added: Portal Shards
    • A mage who fell on hard times back in Dalaran has found a new home on Pandaria. Barnaby Fletcher will occasionally visit Halfhill Market to peddle a new type of seed – and take advantage of the Tillers’ hospitality.
    • Portal Shards grow into consumable items which can be used to open a portal from Sunsong Ranch to a major faction city.

This is interesting, not simply because it acknowledges that next to SW, Halfhill is probably more populated than the Pandarian Capital on any given day. I would hope this is foreshadows more items that will be 'growable' in future patches.

  • Seeds now stack to 50.
  • Runty crops now have a spell visual to help call attention to themselves.
  • Growing crops now display the duration until the crop is ready to harvest.
  • Characters who have earned the “Friends on the Farm” achievement will no longer find gifts while harvesting Cooking Ingredient crops – instead, they have a chance to find special seeds such as Magebulb, Enigma Seed, Songbell, and more.
Okay, 'and more...' means WHAT, exactly? ^^

Pet Battle News!

Frankly there is really TOO MUCH NEWS to C&P here, and this is where I urge you to go read up yourself. Battle Stones will make the grind of a bazillion pets to L25 far less painful (and potentially profitable if the stones are rare enough) plus once you've used all your JP doing useful stuff you can buy Stones to flip on the AH. The most significant changes are in the interface itself:

  • The quality of each pet is now visible in its slot in the Pet Journal.
  • Pets can now be filtered by name, type, rarity and level, and filters will remain in place each time the Pet Journal is viewed.
  • It is now possible to search locations in the Pet Journal. For example, searching “Westfall” will display all the Battle Pets that can be found in Westfall.

You're going to want to turn your addons off tonight/tomorrow, I'd fancy, as Blizz seems to have integrated a lot of Quality of Life changes into the pet interface. Expect a report on the changes tomorrow morning from this Battler :D

Professions News!

  • Cooking
    • A cooking profession bag has been added, and can be purchased with Ironpaw Tokens from Nam Ironpaw.
  • Mining
    • All mineral nodes will now despawn one minute after they are mined, even if items remain in them.

If you want a bag, make sure you have 10 Ironpaw Tokens. Remember you can make Bunches of Groceries to get tokens from most Pandaren food ingredients.

And finally: Mount Collection News!

We're Going to Need More Saddles
Obtain 150 mounts. Reward: Jade Pandaren Kite. 10 points. Account Wide.

I CAN HAS KITE!!11!!!1!!!!

*cough* Is it Wednseday yet? ^^


Jonathan said...

Thanks, very useful digest for those of us stuck behind work firewalls that prevent access to gaming sites. :-)

I'd have thought the 'and more' merely refers to special seeds other than the three that weren't listed (off the top of my head, there are about seven or eight).

Yay for kite!

TheGrumpyElf said...

Oh joy, more stuff to keep me busy when I had just started to have some free time to pet battle.

At least I have 18 characters that can solo those old raids. It is going to make my weekends really busy while I farm pets to sell for a mini fortune.

Zwingli said...

Holy Crapton of Stuff to Do Batman!!!

Seriously, I've not scratched the surface of what we had to do to begin with. I'm still out pet battling most of the time; when I'm not farming! :D

It seems that I like FarmWoW and PokiWoW more than anything else in the game.

Wow... Just... Wow. Who knew!?

Anway, thanks for the great digest version of the notes. I'm all for the cooking bag and pet quality of life upgrades. Now I just need to take off that battlepet addon I loaded. :)