Thursday, November 29, 2012

Not Good Enough : Redux

Still Scary. Official.

If you're here expecting my opinion on 5.1: I can't formulate that kind of post without a better immersion in the content. I'm not going to be drawn, either. You'll have to wait a few days, but it'll happen. This is about stuff that's part of 5.1 but is most definitely Not New Content.

This is about Blackwing Lair.

BWL Soloing
How did u do it solo? The adds kill the boss way to fast.
Some adds should be sticking to you (but won't interrupt your channel). There's no debuff when using the orb, so you can interrupt it, clean adds, and retake control of the boss as much as you want, and you can destroy eggs non-stop (other than his 3 second cast).

Also, Razorgore has an ability that will put to sleep a dragonkin unit, this is very useful if he's under attack. Just keep practicing and make the most of the period between the pull and the first wave of adds!


I had a 50g bet with a Guildie that Blizzard hadn't changed anything about these boss encounters: I thought after some quality wiping time yesterday I'd owe him but this blue post from yesterday says otherwise. Yes, the fight has been changed, but not enough to allow me to be able to easily dominate the boss and gain entry to the instance that now has Minipets I desire in it. My mistake, and I realise that is what it was now, was to assume that 'make easier' meant that I'd have my achievement by the end of the day, which is both naive and, as it transpires, impossible.

I can't solo this guy regardless of the changes to the Encounter, because I can't channel Razorgore with an active pet, which means a series of summons and desummons to be able to control adds, which is beyond me at my current level of play. If I was doing this with a plate class, or indeed a class with the ability to self heal, I'd say my chances might be a lot better, but as a result of my hunter shortcomings, this isn't happening any time soon. As a result, I will attempt to find willing guildies (of which I know there are many) and realise that Soloable is a relative term.

I did a run of Molten Core to reassure myself that I'm good with soloing, and it has made me realise that I will need to keep working at my abilities. I feel I ought to run all the normal Cataclysm 5 Mans as well to see what is soloable and what is not: two have mount drops, after all. I'm seeing Guildies gleefully informing me Onyxia is now soloable and part of me is not sure that's the kind of encounter I'd ever be able to successfully beat, just because of the sheer amount of stuff that's going on that I'd have to provision for, but I can grasp how the more adept players can attain it. The principles sit soundly enough in my head, it is the execution whilst panicking where a particular spell is on my bars that causes the issue, and it brings to the forefront an issue that has always bothered me.

The Blue Poster is talking about someone playing the encounter who, I think it is fair to say, has never keyboard turned or had to worry about a 7 year old having a bleeding finger stuck in their face whilst practising. I sometimes wish bars were set a little more realistically when things were tuned, but there's a part of me that understands by keeping it this hard Blizzard don't have to worry about Achievements being completed too fast. The difficulty curve is it's own limiter. That makes a lot of sense especially when you advertise instances as soloable: yes you can do it alone, but you'll need to work at it. Your choice.

I have one of the pets for the Raiding with Leashes achievement. It occurs to me that actually, if Blizzard keep up a once ever 3 months cycle (for example) and because a lot of these pets are not guaranteed to drop, I have a good chance of having this done by 5.2. Again I find myself thinking that is about the right level of progress, and I'd also wager we'll see more Raid Instances getting their own miniaturised versions of bosses once that patch rolls around (it's a great idea after all, it will be milked, oh yes.) Perhaps in the intervening period, as I'm not having to worry so much about rep grinding, I will have an opportunity to start honing my Extreme Soloing skills...


TheGrumpyElf said...

Hunters have been able to solo BWL for a long time. If you wish I can write you up how you manage the first boss as a hunter in detail.

For now, I will give you the short version.

1) Enter with no pet and make the left to the three mobs.
2) Kill the two side ones leaving the middle one alive.
3) Let the middle one fight the boss as you go up the stairs and on to that tiny ledge there.
4) Turn your back to the hole in the wall (the side of the wall you can in from) and jump up and disengage.
5) Put a serpent sting on the boss to get aggro.
6) Move back into that whole to line of sight the boss while you have aggro on him.
7) The gates will reopen and the mobs will reset.
8) Jump down fast and kill the three mobs on the platform.
9) Take your sweet time killing the eggs then the boss with no interference from the adds.

I've been soloing it for a while now. It will take you a few attempts to master jumping up before and maybe even a few deaths. I died three times and had to reset at least 5 more the first time I got it to work, but it has been soloable by hunters for a very long time.

Good luck if you try it the old way, new way does seem a lot easier than timing that jump perfectly.

The Godmother said...

Some Hunters can solo, yes. Not this one.

Thorazyn said...

Hi Godmother -- long time lurker, first time poster :D

I wanted to chime in because I spent four hours on Tuesday figuring out how to solo Razorgore in 5.1, and I wanted to share to see if maybe it would work for you. I've never tried the ledge thing.

I do this fight as SV because the pet seems more a hindrance than a help. So, zone in, switch to SV, dismiss pet.

Run to the left platform and kill all the adds, then put down an explosive trap and click the orb to MC the boss right away.

At this point, Razorgore is still on the far side of the room. I kill all eggs on the far platform (move on top of an egg, spam 4 because sometimes it doesn't work, wait for egg to blow up, repeat). After all the eggs on the far platform are dead, I kill as many around that side of the room as I can before the first MC channel runs out. Seconds before the channel runs out, I move the boss into one of the far corners so he has further to run if he starts coming for me.

MC breaks, I pump out a couple of multishots around me (relying on serpent spread to do most of the work), put down a fresh explosive trap, and immediately re-CC the boss.

Kill eggs until the boss has about 6 adds aggroed to him, move him far away, and use an ability (any hunter ability -- I think I hit deterrence) to break CC prematurely. Same deal here with multi-shot/serpent spread, and a fresh explosive.

I usually have to do this two or three times before all the eggs are dead. Then call pet, kill boss.

I know it's a really discouraging fight, but maybe if you feel like trying it again, this detailed list of things that worked for me would help?

Thorazyn said...

Oh man, I also read on Petopia that Exhilaration works on Razorgore!

Anonymous said...

The ledge method was fixed, but it's easier now than that was anyway ;-) No need to use your pet at all, the mobs don't do enough damage to worry about, I drop an explosive and snake trap at my feet after I dismiss the boss 1st time, use a bandage to get healing aggro and most of the mobs run to me and slowly die in the traps.

Onyxia was pretty easy at 85, laughable now, just glyph misdirect, pop out a turtle and burn away, throwing an md and multishot at whatever adds spawn.

Katzbalger-Arthas (US)

Anonymous said...

I was still able to use the glitch tonight, so it wasn't completely fixed. Adds spawn again, but most of the room was clear by then. I didn't know the reason I couldn't control him was I had a pet out... good to know. I tried with my warrior and he could live fine, but the boss couldn't. I do wish they'd fix the graveyard to use the one right outside lbrs instead of across the zone.