Thursday, November 15, 2012

Knocked it Off!

This was 1979 at it's finest. Honest :D

I have a list, finally. I have a list so I can put lines through things I have 'knocked off'. BA Robertson was my hero in 1979, by the way. There wasn't any Internet then. We only had three channels of TV in the UK. You'll just have to forgive me unconditionally :p

I digress: yesterday I decided that I needed some help finding the last three Lorewalkers items I'd not been able to locate on my own. Yes, I used Wowhead. I now have my second Exalted Cataclysm rep :D

Wee Dwarf Lassie on a Flying Disc. Discuss.

I have been highly remiss on the mount collection front. I'm not even sure exactly what number this one is either after the mount consolidation exercise that was Cross Character Achievements, but I'm aiming for as many as possible before Christmas 5.1 in the hope I pull together the 150 required for my own Pandaren Kite :D I was really rather excited when I saw this thing on Beta (so much that it appears to have its own tag in anticipation) but so many people use it currently that I'm likely to go back to the Horseman's Mount as my default. Still, the Lodestone's useful, and I can finally start stacking some artifacts to exchange for Tol'vir Fragments. YES ONE DAY I WILL OWN YOU BUG MOUNT.

My next closest rep ding is the Golden Lotus: do they even have a mount? ^^

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