Thursday, November 01, 2012

IntPiPoMo 2012 : Where I Am

You're here too, right?

November begins, and that means I'm ready to start my participation in Angelya IntPiPoMo Event. It strikes me that this exercise should be about what I do in game and what I see as I travel, rather than going out of my way to find great shots to showcase my ability to frame a decent screenie. Therefore, the first two shots you get are of a place where I am spending more time than I'd like, but to a necessary end.

Looking out towards where the Klaxxi are calling me...

I do the Golden Lotus Dailies with my husband (or else it would take him all night he tells me, but I've seen his dps in 5 mans so maybe he does genuinely enjoy my company) and this place is yet to get boring to look at, which is fortunate. I just skinned 300 leather from the daily mobs (gazelles and wolves we love you!)

I'd expect to see a lot of Pandaria in the next month but there will be other places, especially as my Pet battling is taking me to Outland next... :D


Kamalia said...

That's a great way to theme your pictures! I've been spending a lot of time in those places lately, too. I look forward to seeing where else your travels take you this month!

My contributions will undoubtably be much more random in nature.

Navimie said...

It's good to see others people's views of the same things you see. I echo Kam's thoughts about how you're doing it - and like her mine are totally random. I just have a huge collection of screenies that need a home :)

Angelya said...

Great start! I must admit I've been avoiding the Vale so far.. I just can't bring myself to think about doing all those dailies every day.
I'll look forward to seeing the rest of your travels this month. Oh, and I love your post tags and agree, this is totally not an excuse for actual content >.>