Tuesday, November 13, 2012

IntPiPoMo 2012 : Not Cheating, Honest :D

One of the things I've been meaning to do for a while is sort out my screenshots folder and to create a master one for all the various shots I took pre-Sundering (in the days before Cataclysm was launched) I've been doing a fair bit of pottering today, so I thought I'd use the IntPiPoMo 'header' to highlight some of my favourites. The rest have been uploaded to Facebook, where you will find them on my Alt:ernative Page.

I love this picture.

Once upon a time, Zul'Gurub had a Rep Hub. That was a grind, huge fun, and probably the first time I made an effort to max more than one character for the rewards. This is it from the water as you swim north from Stranglethorn. I'm not even sure the island is still there now, I should go check...

Feathermoon Stronghold, before the flood.

I think if pushed I'd have to say that Feathermoon in Ferelas was my favourite place in game pre-Cataclysm. I loved the fact that the place HAD IT'S OWN BOAT RIDE, quite apart from the whole green mistiness thing going on. I would find it very hard to get tired of Ferelas generally, it is a great zone even now. Amazing how first impressions will stick with you over time.

Loch Modan. *sigh*

I'll let you into a secret: the first thing I did the day the Post-Sundering servers came up wasn't go straight for the new content, it was to fly to Loch Moden to see Deathwing's destruction to my home. I'm not an Ironforge dwarf, you see, if I RP'd I'd say I came from Loch Moden, by the water. This place, like Ferelas, holds huge numbers of memories for me of my first ever levelling experiences. Fishing, Troggs, being killed repeatedly by Ogres... its all here, except now, it isn't :(

Aubergine. Or summat :p

I miss this pier, and the boat to Darnassus. It's not the same.

Look! The statue is still standing!

This place however, looks better in a mess. Just goes to show... :D

If you want to see all the screenies I took, Access the Full Album Here.


Kamalia said...

That's a lovely shot of Yojamba Isle. The island IS still there, but now it's just another uninhabited off-shore island. Even the troll houses are gone.

Angelya said...

I love looking at pre-sundering shots... there are a few lurking around my blog as well :D I wonder if they're ever going to clean up Booty Bay?

Also, using old screenies is totally not cheating :D