Thursday, November 22, 2012

IntPiPoMo 2012 :: Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

Note to Self: Go do Deepholm ^^

No, I hadn't forgotten about my IntPiPoMo obligations, its just been One of Those Weeks (TM) and so I needed some time to get the relevant screenies sorted. Now we are, you can expect TWO POSTS today (adding a much needed 12 screenies to my total) The first of these is all about the wonder that is Pet Battling :D


I normally pay scant attention to the pets I'm fighting save for colour and level, but this particular fight stuck out because a) this is a DESERT and b) there's a Sea Gull here. I mean, seriously, are you on holiday and just fancied a fight before you left? In fairness this is Tanaris and there's some sea somewhere... [FX: Points]

One HUGE spider: polite though :D

I fight in some (potentially) dangerous places though from memory I have only ever aggroed mobs twice because of a poor choice of fighting spot. This spider in Stonetalon seemed quite happy to walk all over me whilst I was battling, and it made a good shot, so much so I'm pretty certain this one's been used in another post... ^^

Three pets, all not owned, ALL USEFUL.

I've converted numerous people to the charms of the Pet Battle Quality Notifier addon, and I reckon its been the single biggest asset in my task to get my team together in double quick time. This screenie is notable for the fact I had a TWO Arctic Hares (one rare, one uncommon) PLUS an uncommon Tundra Penguin: without the addon I'd have never known to wait until the last pet to capture. I think this is probably be the one addon currently I'd not ever want to lose, if only for the time it saves.

And THAT's Number 400 :D

This last image is special: that Cloudy Hedgehog represented 400 pets collected and a sizable investment in both time and energy (plus the cash I may have dropped for all those Pet Store pets ^^) I've managed 11 more since that picture was taken, and if you'll excuse me I'm off to take my own reminder and get the guys down to Deepholm... :D


Anonymous said...

About your comment on getting aggroed while pet battling, you're actually phased out while battling so mobs will walk right over you. However! Hunter pets are not, so you want to dismiss your pet or it can get aggroed and pull you out of the battle ;-)

Katzbalger-Arthas (US)

Alas said...

This is almost totally irrelevant, but I live in an inland desert and seagulls are everywhere. Filthy birds.

As someone who can scarcely manage to sit still for one pet battle, I do admire your persistence in making it as far as you have!