Friday, November 09, 2012

IntPiPoMo 2012 :: Across the Wall

The sky should be enough of an indicator... :D

It has been a long week of Real Life Awesomeness: I got to see one of my heroes in concert, and I've been struggling (it must be said) to keep up with my NaNoWriMo commitments. Then there's game time. I am acutely aware that the time it takes to do most things currently I just don't have, so I've been trying to fit stuff in as and when I've been capable. This means inevitably the Golden Lotus and the Klaxxi (I managed Stay Klaxxi yesterday, wanted it as much for the name as the actual achievement!) and that in turn means a flight across the Wall.

I am totally in love with the architecture in this patch.

I will say this much for the levelling experience this time around, the 'story' of this land has been beautifully played out, and the conflict my faction inadvertently awakened really is capable of enormous destructive force. Nowhere is that more obvious than on the other side of the Serpent's Spine from the Vale of Eternal Blossom.

The Serpent's Spine from the Dread Wastes.

The Pandaren didn't build this wall to hide something away, the built it to keep something out... or many things, if my Dailies are any indicator. If it's not the Klaxi its the Yaungol (or, as I discovered when I did the Heart of Fear LFG this week, both together) I'm not sure if this massive Sha infestation is a direct result of the Alliance's intervention but I'm going to assume for the sake of argument that it is. needless to say, the clean-up is a right arsepain ^^

Yeah, we did that. *cough* Sorry!

I am more excited about Heart of Fear as an instance than I was initially about the Vaults: second boss there is going to be THE MOST ANNOYING EVER but aside from that, I think the use of mechanics is clever and it should provide a decent set of challenges for raiders.

The Heart of Fear.

This weekend I hope to drag everyone over to the Darkmoon Faire for their +5 to professions, so I'd expect some postage from there, and I'm hoping we might get some more Battle Pet locations too... :D


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