Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Change is Possible

One of our unsuccessful Feng runs. He died.

Friday suddenly seems like it happened on a completely different planet.

Raiding on a Monday evening, let's face it, isn't really optimal. Many people will have half an eye on work the following day, and may not be as committed to the cause. Last night, when I finally got to log after a day full of everything BUT gaming, I noted with some satisfaction that the exact same 10 people had signed to follow-up from Friday. There was never going to be a better time to check if the changes I've begun to introduce at the weekend were the right ones.

When the Stone Guards went down, I think I realised that I've become a different player than I was last week.

UI Tweaking, Part the 421st. Time to lose Blizzards SCT ^^

I have tweaked my UI so my pet bar sits above the new action bar I made, which makes controlling it a lot quicker. As I discovered last night, Blizzard's own scrolling combat text is now a massive hindrance to concentration, so will have to go (husband recommends Parrot, open to suggestions if you know better) I also burned through a stack of Virmen's Bite: I can use two per fight if I drink one just before the tank engages, and the difference when I pop everything in the first thirty seconds is, it has to be said fairly considerable:

Agi boost + Stampede + Rapid Fire = BOOM!

I wish I could say that I can manage that every fight but that will also need work: there were still moments when I panicked and screwed stuff up, but there were also moments when I was proud of myself. Like the time I used Disengage to get out of a corner in the Stone Guards when both Amethyst Pool and a Colbalt Mine meant I had nowhere easy to run. I also managed to use Deterrence to break a couple of Mines to clear some space for the tanks. I felt confident enough after the first few tried to run to our Wildfire Spark drop-off point in Feng and still be able to do some dps. This was most definitely unexplored territory.

I realise that this might sound, at least to those of you reading this to whom all of this is second nature, a bit like I'm pleased I just worked out how stupid I've been for a long time in not making the most of what I was doing, and you'd probably be right. When you play as much as I normally do casually, it is simply easier a lot of the time to stick with familiarity and never to move out of your comfort zone. Making a conscious attempt to shift your focus can often be disastrous. The key difference here, without a doubt, has to be the support I've gotten from Guildies and you guys (hugs Blog readers) and the confidence that's given me as a result. Even my husband, who is normally my harshest critic, turned to me last night and informed me he could see the effect the improvement was having across the raid. My numbers encouraged my hunter compatriot to start tweaking his spec in raid, and what is apparent is that Stampede may not simply be buggy in Arenas. Using the glyph to copy just one pet rather than using your whole stable and picking your moment to pop it can make a considerable difference to output.

I would again like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who commented on my improvements, who has encouraged me to keep pushing myself, and who has generally been awesome. You know who you are.Needless to say: gear does make a difference as to how much damage you can do. What matters far more however is the way in which you approach the business of doing damage to begin with.

I am 2/6 in the Vaults. :D


Ellie said...

I haven't had a chance to comment yet, but that doesn't mean I haven't been cheering you on (although I kinda realise it doesn't mean so much to you if it's silent ;p).

But this is great! I know from having switched from healing to balance how much of a difference it can make when you realise the numbers aren't stacking up, and you manage to make a change so that you're doing those better. We're not all perfect, and we have off days, but it's amazing to see improvement in oneself as a result of cogent effort (and, in my case, when I take the time to reforge. Still amazed at the difference that makes ;p).

Anyway, I am blathering now. The TL:DR version is \o/

Jonathan said...

Wot she sed. :-)

TheGrumpyElf said...

Looks like you are starting to find your comfort zone. Congrats. It takes a long time to really get into that grove and the only real way to get into it is by playing. Nice numbers you are throwing up there. Keep up the good work, I am sure your guild is extremely happy to see those numbers. As I always say, DPS makes everything easier. So the more you do the easier everyone else's job becomes.

Tome of the Ancient said...

I was so glad to read this! I felt bad when I read about Friday's raid but you really turned it around. Go Godmother!

Mushan said...

So awesome to read about your successful improvement!

I myself am working on tweaking and re-mastering my SV rotation. Last weekend's Stone Guard attempts - our guild's first - weren't too bad, but I wasn't happy with my overall performance. On the bright side, I'm hoping for a little better showing next weekend, since I'll have the benefit of having experienced the fights (nearly 30 pulls) and almost a week to practice my "huntering" skills. :)

Thanks for your post. It's an encouragement to anyone struggling for progress. Improvement is possible!

Anonymous said...

High five for the Godmother. The difference was pronounced and I think everyone in the raid made improvements and changes.

For myself, I managed not to die and stand in the shizzle as frequently, I managed the chains better and even found a way to improve the output of my healing. I was able to predict and shout out the encounter items better and I HOPE contribute a little to healer co-ordination. So - the introspection was a thoroughly good thing.

As ever, I'm impressed with the way the guild discuss, change their tactics and improve pull after pull and week after week. Sometimes we hit a stumbling block - up until we have that epiphany and remember NOT to hug when we don't need to.

So - cracking job on the improvement, it was thoroughly noticed and it meant that ultimately we could 3 heal it, survive to the end and still beat the enrage timer.

Anonymous said...

Read into that "Yay, I didn't have to go DPS!"