Friday, November 23, 2012

Aspiration Station

The lower the number, the bigger the problem...

I like to talk a lot about numbers in this blog, because I know just how significant they are in a computer game. They dictate everything from the place where I'll find my quest mob to the damage I'll need to do in order to down that mob quickly. They also place me in a wider context: 180th on Achievement Progression on my Realm, for instance. The lower these numbers go, the more dangerous they can become. I'm inside the top 100 on my server for battling. That's a worrying statistic to begin with.

I've managed to hike my Pet Battle Score up over 3000 points since the weekend, and checking my realm position on places me 8th on their list for total pets gathered. Part of me knows, if I didn't have the responsibilities I have now, there would be a very strong desire to solely focus on this and make that three figure standing into a two figure on, and get myself into the top five collectors. Understanding you are 'that kind of player' I think is the key to being able to control the urge, understanding it's 11pm and you need to be up at 7am so it's time to stop the battles. This is the moment I look at the people without kids and the responsibilities of being in a family and, although there is a moment of regret, it doesn't last long. As my seven year old informed me yesterday, this moment she's hugging me will never happen like this ever again. That's the reason I can not obsess, and sit and write instead about how what we aspire to in game can often be a negative influence on other aspects of our life.

I've seen numerous interviews with Blizzard Dev's where the issue of datamining pops up: game designers don't like having the rug pulled out from under them. There is, in Warcraft at least, very few avenues for surprise, especially with people like me picking apart every piece of information on offer. The surprises therefore have to be well hidden, or come from things that aren't immediately data-driven: I'm amazed at the number of people who battle, for instance. I'm not surprised however that WoWProgress has a Pet Battle score, and that I'm now using it as my benchmark to progression in exactly the same way as I would consult Mr Robot for optimal gear spec. There are some fairly meaty achievements, requiring an arkload of pets to reach L25. For that there needs to be some planning, and if there is one thing I do love in this game, its the ability to have a plan.

NOT!George Peppard, but the Hardest Man Alive. He ALWAYS has a plan ^^

I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone sharing their Battle Pet Tips with me right now. Biggest nod must go to The Grumpy Elf from whom I have learnt a pretty surefire way of levelling all my L1's up a sizable amount with the minimum of fuss. I'll be trying out the best spots for other things too, but before that happens there is My Plan (TM), which consists of the following:

  • Seek out and capture as many pets as possible missing from my Safari Achievement list
  • Do the remaining Trainers in Northrend and Pandaria
  • Work out which pets I need to upgrade from Poor/Common/Uncommon to Rare
  • Seek out and start capturing said pets
  • Start the process of levelling 75 rare pets to L25 for the Pro Pet Mob achievement

I don't see me breaking any records for speed in all this, but you can bet that I'll be thorough, and in the end I'll have absolutely the best quality team I can muster because, at some point, I can GUARANTEE Blizzard are gonna attach some prestige to this 'casual game' apart from anonymous PvP battles. If they have decided that PvE Brawling is the way forward, someone is going to start looking at pet battle numbers and decide they're not doing enough. The question isn't if, it's when, and when it does happen I will be ready.

Oh Yes.


Jonathan said...

7am? That's a lie-in at our house, and that's "without kids and the responsibilities of being in a family". :-)

TheGrumpyElf said...

I play on a crap server but it allows me to feel better than I really am.

I am #2 geared hunter (still have not even stepped into a raid with it), #1 pet battle hunter (almost 7K points) and #6 achievement points.

Good for ego, bad for finding people to play with. lol

Looking good stats wise for you.

I am experiencing a bug in northrend and pandaria and wanted to know if you have having the same issue. Some pets I own, even level 25 now, and the achievements say I still have never caught one. I have it, I leveled it, so I know I caught it. Do you notice the same thing?

The Godmother said...

@ Grumpy the Pet Achievements are horribly buggy. yes, I have many pets I know I've caught but the game says no. I had to reboot to achieve Continental Trainer today. I'd just keep on and assume it'll all be fixed in 5.1