Monday, November 26, 2012

A Proper Job

Not STRICTLY accurate ^^

Again, the Plan has thwarted me ^^

However, things are considerably more healthy on the progression front than they were when I started the weekend, so let us get up to speed:

I am four pets short of the coveted 'Zookeeper' title: I managed to grab a Rare quality Armadillo last night when they spawned, and I have an Uncommon Maggot (these have to be some of the buggiest Achievements I've had to deal with, no pun intended) The Fox Kit requires snow in the Storm Peaks (and for me to actually be able see pets to begin with) and the Whelpling some patience: the Hatchling needs a Sandstorm. All of those things are likely to happen before I see a Qiraji Guardling spawn ('Seen in Summer' I assume means the pet is on the same timer as the Summer fish spawns) So, all things being equal, that's done and dusted.

The 'Tamer' title however is proving to be a little more problematic, and has required some actual thought.

Currently Levelling... ^^

I am beginning to suspect that Major Payne isn't a homage to the 1995 movie with Damon Wayans. It's because this guy is a MAJOR PAIN. Looking at the Internets tells me I really need Elemental/Mechanical/Aquatic to stand a chance so I'm going to level this team this week when I can (huge amount of RL stuff to deal with this week so not sure when this will happen) My already highest level Elemental doesn't possess nearly enough vs Mechanical spells to make levelling that workable so I'll use Venus as I work on Davros, and once he's 25 we'll swap in the next in my queue of pets to level.

Then there is the matter of the pets that remain to be collected that aren't wild, and that will require some faffing. I have cash to grab an Eye of the Legion, I can get my husband to knock me up a Mechanical Pandaren Hatchling... and after that we're relying on Pet Battle Satchels, rare spawns and sheer dumb luck. It would be nice if I could get everything I possibly can before 5.1 (still don't see that happening until Xmas) but that is only four weeks away... then I predict much runnage of Classic Raids and faffage at the Darkmoon Faire in my future...

There is also the very real need to stop doing pets and get on with 'other stuff' but I have a desire to complete as much as conceivably possible on this project, just because I know just how hard the next part of the process is going to be. Needless to say, I think I need a new page on my Warcraft Notepad...


Erinys said...

You are not alone in your feelings towards Major Paine and his pets. That bear cub whilst cute has been the cause of more swearing and yelling in our household than all the pvp we've ever done added together.

Ratshag said...

My team for dealing with the good Major is: Topaz Shale Hatchling (elemental), Softshell Snapling (aquatic), and Darkmoon Tonk (mechanical). When his bear cub starts its hibernation self-heal, that's the time to break out Tonk's Ion Cannon and execute its fuzzy butt - it hits for over 1000 on beasts. Occasionally I miss, at which point it's time to wave the white flag and start over, but I can beat him 80-90% of the time.

Jojo said...

Urghh... Major Paine :( I haven't tried to defeat him for some time now but I'm not particularly keen about meeting him again. I guess some day I'll have to get back and defeat him

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I don't think your turtle is going to cut it vs Major Payne. Unless I'm mistaken, all the ones with Headbutt have Powerball as their other 3rd attack, this means despite being an Aquatic pet, yours only has 1 attack that actually does Aquatic damage, Grasp. A Mirror Strider or Emperor Crab I think are your easiest high lvl aquatics to grab for this.

For Elemental, Water Waveling from Zul Drak will eat Payne's mech and will also be great for leveling once you get the Valley pet tamer daily unlocked. They're lvl 22 already I think so you wouldn't have to do much leveling either, and there's tons of them so nice and easy to find a rare ;-)

Katzbalger-Arthas (US)