Monday, October 15, 2012

(Virtually) Indestructible

Captain Scarlet. I loved him as a kid :D

I am here, bright and early on a Monday morning to report that I am very happy where my Main is right now. In fact, I'd go so far as to report that if you're planning on levelling a Hunter any time soon, you could do a lot worse than do it in Beast Mastery spec.

My Spec Right now :D

I've not played BM continuously since it was introduced as a viable playstyle. I stuck doggedly to Marks and Survival (mostly because of the dps boost they gave) and instead left all the work to my Tenacity pet (who was the same white bear called Polar for a VERY long time before Cataclysm hit when I switched to a Scarab) This time around however, with any pet having the ability to take up the tanking mantle, I decided to award the honour to my first ever Hunter Rare Spawn track and tame:

Not a Football Manager. Go look up the Latin ^^

This goat roams around the Kun-Lai Summit, leaving Heavy Tracks in its wake. Only hunters can see these (you can be any spec, this isn't an Exotic pet), and if you can find the spot where tracks appear magically while you watch dropping a flare should expose the pet to you for a tame. You should note that these tracks need to be followed in the opposite direction to the way they actually face (this confused me initially) but if you're patient and methodical this is worth the effort. Capella and me make a fairly formidable team, and with thought and practice pretty much anything is tankable right now. This was born out Saturday night as I was farming in the Dread Wastes for crab meat, when the Rare Champion Omnis Grinlock pretty much spawned on top of me.

Grinlock has a posse: 2 L90's and an 89 as well as him, and normally that would have been enough to put me off even engaging, but I'm aware of the many abilities my spec rocks at present. Stampede may be as annoying as hell for tanks right now (especially if all your pets have Growl on, yes I know ^^) but its massive DPS boost should not be underestimated. However simply using Glaive Toss (which seems to pull consistently large crits) patience and much pet healing at range was enough to deal with the adds in short order. It was at this point that a Goblin Hunter arrived and decided to try and take me out to steal the kill, and dragged half a dozen crabs and turtles from the surrounding area over to my pet's AoE Thunderstomp. Sadly for him I had Stampede off cooldown, was ready to use Disengage (and proc the incredibly useful Narrow Escape talent) thus giving me the eight seconds I needed to CC all the mobs, rez my pet and send it back into the fray. Needless to say there was no loot I needed, but the kill was mine, plus a sense of IMMENSE satisfaction that even with that number of L90 mobs to deal with I was still standing at the end.

I strongly suspect that once I start raiding this spec won't be the one I'll be using, but for now it is really very satisfying to know that whatever the game may throw at me I am able to respond in kind, that I can solo pretty much any content I come across and that the pleasure I derive as a result is considerable. I suspect I'll be taking this spec back to old content sooner rather than later too, to see what I can do on my own that before might have needed some friends to complete... :D

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Navimie said...

Grats on the rare goat! It's a mighty fine pet :D